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09 Nov / 2018Program by:
Featured: SavitriLanguage: English

Savitri, B. VI, C. II, Part 1

The Suffering Complaint Of The Surface Soul In Man

Last time Savitri’s mother told her to go out and find another husband because Satyavan was fated to die in one year. Savitri refused, saying her love was Eternal and beyond death. Now the Queen expresses all the misery and discontent of the surface soul of common man and his revolt against his ignorant fate, because her daughter’s future seems doomed and she cannot understand why. She complains about the evil that makes the mind suffer and the illness that makes the body suffer and the suffering of life because it can’t get anywhere. She says humanity is doomed to pain, danger, illness and death and man is his own worst foe. Finally the Queen gives various reasons for why it all is and why we are here and asks if they are true.