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Savitri, B. VII, C. III, Part 4

On her way to find her soul, Savitri enters the mental world which believes it has all the Truth and that it is the final goal of spiritual seeking. But the soul was not there, nor was the Spirit. It was a world of mind alone. Savitri understands its limitations, so she continues on her journey. She has already become free from the influences in the vital worlds. Now she is free from the influences of the mental worlds.

Savitri is ready to go straight to her soul. A beautiful being who knows the way points to the road that will take her there; to the silence few have ever reached, where she will find the deep cavern of her secret soul. The music at the end of this broadcast has Mother’s reading of the seven ending lines of this canto, where Savitri starts to walk on this road.

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