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24 Nov / 2020Program by:

Savitri, B. VII, C. V, Part 5


Savitri’s chakras open now that she has found her soul and the Divine Mother has come into her being and awakened her Kundalini power. The consciousness of the Divine Mother and the consciousness of Savitri’s immortal soul govern her life. Her acts become the acts of God, in harmony with natural good, and all her emotions give themselves to God. Her mind stops being an uncertain guide of her life and becomes a divinely mastered instrument. A first perfection’s stage is reached at last in Savitri’s yogic preparation to face Death.

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  • Prabhjot K

    V nice. How can one master on’ls mind to the utmost perfection to ALWAYS receive the Divine orders in all kinds of actions? Though I know one needs to practise psychicisation for a cv long time thru the Psychic checklist SHE has given yet there must be more ways also for householders.


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