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Savitri, B. VII, C. VI, Part 4


Savitri sees how all the thoughts in her outer mind are made in her body by Nature’s earth-force, and how formed universal thoughts enter her mind from outside. She rises high above her mind to stand free from Nature. Finally even the highest spiritual thoughts, which have an automatic right to enter the mind can enter no longer. Then all grows still; nothing moves any more.


I have thrown from me the whirling dance of mind

And stand now in the silent spaces free;

Timeless and deathless beyond creature kind,

The center of my own eternity.

I have escaped and the small self is dead;

I am immortal, alone, ineffable;

I have gone out from the universe I made,

And have grown nameless and immeasureable.

My mind is hushed in wide and endless light,

My heart a solitude of delight and peace,

My sense unsnared by touch and sound and sight,

My body a point in white infinities.

I am the one Being’s sole immobile Bliss;

No one I am, I who am all that is.

Sri Aurobindo

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