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Savitri, B. VII, C. VII, Part 1


Savitri is living in the deep forest in the state of Nirvana, but nobody around her thinks she has changed. To all she was the same perfect Savitri. She spoke the words she was wont to speak and did the things she always did before. But inside her complete emptiness a vacant consciousness watched everything. There was no will behind her words and acts, no thoughts formed in her brain to guide her speech. Yet, in her emptiness she was aware of a high, hidden voiceless Truth; something unknown, inscrutable, that sent down messages of its light and used her speech to speak wise and immortal words. Her being now surpassed all Cosmic bounds.

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  • Giancarlo Pedralli

    I listened to your meditation and reading of Canto 7 Book 7. Thank you. I take advantage of present contact to submit to tou one pressing question arisen in me reading the Gita in the light of Sri Aurobindo. IN Ch.18 verse 40 we have: “There is not an entity, either on the earth or again in heaven among the gods, that is not subject to the workings of these three qualities (gunas), born of Nature. My puzzle is the affirmation that the Gods also are subjected to Gunas. Is it not that a prerogative only of the lower manifestation – mind life and body?

    • Loretta

      Hi Giancarlo,
      Thanks you for your question. As I understand it, the only “being” not subject to the action of the gunas is the Supreme All as the Unmanifest. As soon as there is the least subtle beginning of manifestation, it is in the area of the action of Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas, however subtle. The “ignorance” which subjects us to the working of the gunas begins with the first subtle manifestation, because the Supreme, who is the manifestation deliberately “looses” or “puts aside” a portion of his All-Consciousness to start manifestation all the way down through the subtle mental and vital worlds to eventually have no more consciousness of his all-ness when it ends up as physical matter.
      He does this for the delight of returning to his all-consciousness made richer by the experience. To be completely beyond the influence of the gunas we have to have the supreme realisation all the way into the very cells of our body. This is the yoga of Sri Aurobindo; to live the full all-consciousness while at the same time being fully conscious of the unmanifest. He talks about the new supramental being having this dual consciousness, and it will come only after our very physical bodies are transformed into another substance. It means to be beyond the death process as we are subject to it today. Mother spoke of renewing the body at will by another process. She mentions different things about it all through the Agenda, and more towards the end. Sri Aurobindo speaks about the “Gnostic Being” who will have this consciousnessw at the end of the Life Divine in the chapter called The Gnostic Being…. Its the Great Adventure Mother invites us to.