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Savitri, B. X, C. III, Part 1


Savitri never believed Death’s claims that he was the true reality and that he created the universe. Now she replies to all of his false arguments and twisted facts, telling him, “Thou hast used words to shutter out the light and called in truth to vindicate a lie.” In this Canto, Savitri begins to express her own true understanding of how God’s creation came to be, and how man is an evolving being. She says to Death, “How shall the child already be the man? Because he is infant shall he never grow? Because he is ignorant shall he never learn?”

In this program we have the translations of Mother’s experience of the “Supramental Ship” in 1958, and her experience of the new Being on 1 January, 1969. The original French tape recordings of these two experiences will play at the end of the program.

If you have any questions, please email them to us here at the Radio, and we will find the answers for you in Sri Aurobindo’s and Mother’s books.