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Savitri, B. X, C. IV, Part 6

Death Is Vanquished By Light

Savitri has been showing Death that the Truth is on Earth, and it is available to mankind. The Truth-Consciousness Force of the Supreme made all mankind and also made the plan of man’s evolution. She says that as mankind continues to evolve, Truth will manifest in man and through man. Now Death asks Savitri to reveal who she really is. He tells her that if the Mighty Mother – the Divine Mother – is with her, she should show Death the Divine Mother’s face, so that he can worship her. If the imperishable force of the Divine Mother transforms earth’s death into immortal life, then Satyavan can live, and he can return to Savitri. The Divine Mother manifests in Savitri. She tells Death to release Satyavan. There is a great battle of Darkness and Light. The darkness of Death is vanquished by the Eternal, all-powerful Light of the Divine Mother, and Death runs away.

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