Photographer:Loretta | Mother's Symbol in Sri Aurobindo's Symbol, Design by Mother Photographer:Ashram Archives | Sri-Aurobindo, 1918-1920 Photographer:Ashram Archives | Truth Must Conquer And Dominate Falsehood, Mother's Hands, Photo named By Mother, 15-8-64
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Savitri Book 1, Canto 2, Part 2

Savitri, Book l, The Book Of Beginnings, Canto ll, The Issue, The Second Part

Savitri is the incarnation of the Divine Mother who came here to conquer Death. Her single will opposed the cosmic will. Accustomed to the eternal and the true, her being, conscious of its divine founts, asked not from mortal frailty pain’s relief, patched not with failure, bargain or compromise, The armed Immortal bore the snare of time. But not to submit and suffer was she born; to lead, to deliver was her glorious part. A living choice reversed fate’s cold dead turn, affirmed the spirit’s tread on Circumstance, pressed back the senseless dire revolving wheel and stopped the mute march of necessity. A victory was won for God in man on the day that Savirti woke at dawn and remembered that this was the day that Death was coming to take her husband.


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