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Savitri Book 1, Canto 4, Part 2

Savitri, Book l, The Book of Beginnings,
Canto Four, The Secret Knowlege,
Part 2

Secret Knowledge is revealed about the aspirations and struggles of the Earth-Goddess as she toils through the aeons, across the sands of Time. Sri Aurobindo continues to tell us what there is in us which slows down our journey to the light. He tells us of the Immortals on their deathless heights, overseers of fate and chance and will, who see and hear what man cannot, and who guide the unheedful, moving world to meet the Bliss for which earth’s heart cries. This week, in the quotation from the Record of Yoga, Sri Aurobindo speaks about the answers he receives for his own spiritual progress when he seeks help using a method called “sortilege”.