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Savitri – Book 2, Canto 4, Part 3

Savitri, Book II, Canto IV, Part 3, Pages 141 – 146

King Aswapathy now sees the rise of strange creations of a thinking sense as he follows Life’s rise from inconscient sleep in matter. A seeking Power found out its road to form. The force of creation, working by the light of Ignorance, began her animal experiment. Beings were there who wore a human form but identified only with the body and worked only for outward wants. They turned in grooves of animal desire. Instinct was formed. Only life could think and not the mind. Only sense could feel and not the soul. As yet, the individual soul was unheeded and unknown.


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  • Venkat

    I love Loretta’s reading of Savitri
    More on Mother and Sri Aurobindo please
    Thanks for igniting love for divine.