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Savitri Book 6, Canto 2, Part 5

Narad tells Savitri and her parents; “Ït is decreed and Satyavan must die, the hour is fixed, chosen the fatal stroke”. He explains that our fate is not the events that meet us on the road of life, our fate is the goal we choose and the road we take to get there. In the Radio broadcast of Mother’s Questions And Answers, December 26, 1956, Mother speaks about the first experience we have which shows us our goal and our path. Then she teaches in detail about how important it is to choose from our inner truth every minute. To hear the broadcast, please click on this link;
Narad tells Savitri’s mother, the Queen not to try to change the secret Will and not to intervene in Savitri’s destined deep struggle. Alone Savitri must conquer or alone she must fall. God-given, her strength can battle against doom. His Divine message given, Narad leaves, vanishing into the light of the Unseen.