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Featured: SavitriLanguage: English

Savitri Book 7, Canto 2, Part 3

In her dream of the Cosmic past Savitri sees our past still living in our unconscious selves and how it has hidden influences on us and all we do. “An old self still lurks in the new self we are.” Old thoughts and longings and dead passions rise from our inconscient and without the presence of our soul, we can do nothing to stop their influence. “The seeds of sins renounced sprout from hid soil.” Then she sees that this is only matter’s first self-view. With the mysterious influence of our hidden soul, man can transcend his earthly self. The greatnesses hidden in his unseen parts can come forward. The soul pushes man to seek for good and for beauty and for God. Then man mounts to his high source and calls the godhead into his mortal life. A portion of the Might Mother comes into Savitri and dreams in the passion of her far-seeing spirit to mould humanity into God’s own shape and lead the world to light. But to do this Savitri must first find her soul.