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Savitri Book 7, Canto 3, Part 3

Savitri has traveled through her vital being, looking for her soul. She has seen the attractions and the dangers in the energies of life in her vital being. She has not found either the presence or the influence of her soul, and she has experienced the difficulties of the wild, disorganized movements of life when her soul is not active in her vital being. It was a hard journey, but she made it through successfully.
Now Savitri will travel through her mind, where life energies are bound and tamed and kept in strict order. Savitri is in the level of mind which everyone uses. Sri Aurobindo calls it “mortal mind”. This level of mind receives all its information from the senses. Here he shows us that the organization, which is a natural function of our mortal mind, puts strict limits on all types of thoughts and ideas and severely limits spirituality.
When the soul is not there to guide the mind with its light and love and wisdom, spirituality is limited to religious ethics and laws and cold religious practices, making the heart is dry and the mind closed to love.


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