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Savitri, Book I, Canto V, Part 3

Another Space and Time

The King’s being has been torn out of its mortality and changed by a strong descent of Force. He has become Nature’s Lord instead of her bound slave and instrument. His newly-developed being crosses the threshold of the Divine Mother’s occult Force, which guards it from entry by less developed beings. He discovers the giant order of creation in the form of the great World Stair which goes between the highest and the lowest, and joins both ends of the Spirit’s extremes in the manifested world. King Aswapati sees the last high world where all worlds meet and all solutions and answers live. Above appeared the Immortal’s seats and the deathless countries of the One. He sees continents of potency, beauty, knowledge and delight where he can enter and abide for a while. Adventuring across enormous realms, the King broke into another space and time.

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