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Savitri, Book II, Canto II, Part 1

The Subtle Physical World

The Traveller of the Worlds, King Aswapati enters the first world on his journey. It is the world of subtle matter, which is the universal plane that is closest to our physical world. Our physical world is made from its subtle matter. There, the King finds the origins of all that manifests on earth. It contains all the deathless, immortal forces and forms of earthly nature, complete and ready to manifest here. Whatever is on earth passed through the subtle physical plane to get here, and is in the subtle physical plane in its perfect form. Things lose some of their original greatness and beauty when they manifest physically on earth. All that is beautiful on earth is divinely beautiful there. When we take birth on earth, our immortal spirit descends there to enter its subtle physical body and then it passes into our new physical body on earth. When we leave our body, we pass back through the subtle physical plane on our way to take rest until our next life.

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