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26 Apr / 2023Program by:

Savitri Book II Canto II Part3

A Fine Material Paradise

It has not taken very long for King Aswapati to learn about what the subtle physical plane is, and what it does for our gross, material, physical plane. There all feel satisfied in themselves and whole. A rich completeness is made by limitation. What is on earth, is there in a finer substance, which inspires all that is created here. It connects us with diviner heights during the brief moments that we are able to receive some of what is there. King Aswapati’s senses are ravished with delight in this fair subtle realm, because the form is all and physical gods are kings, but he found that it was only a small part of the greatness of the immortal Spirit which he was seeking. So now he looked beyond for greater light, and he left that fine material paradise. His destiny lay beyond, in larger space.

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