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13 May / 2023Program by:

Savitri, Book II, Canto III, Part 1

Life’s Uncontrolled Lower Region

King Aswapati has left the beauty and safety of the subtle physical plane, where Life was happy to be in the limiting boundaries of subtle forms. His spirit wanted more than the surfaces of being could give, so he left that fine material paradise to follow his destiny in larger space. First he enters the vital plane which is closest to our material, physical plane. Here Life wrestles with danger and discovery. She tries everything, but nothing satisfies her. As the King walks through changing worlds, which are unstable and bereft of peace, he sees the images of blissful Life planes appear above him. His vision possesses all that these wonderful worlds can reveal. The King now sees the high, summit region, where Life descended into her highest immortal plane from the Unmanifest All.

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