Photographer:The Unstitute | Sunset Photographer:The Unstitute | The Urn
26 Feb / 2016Program by:

Savitri Music

“[Sunil’s] music is the splendour of future creation:
Oh, it comes like a dazzling sun…”

The Mother

Sunil’s music is part of the Ashram life today. Some call it Ashram music, and others, not familiar with Sunil, even call it the Mother’s music. In fact, Sunil himself always said it was the Mother’s, for he took his inspiration from her; it was at her insistence that he began his musical explorations. His music has an unmistakable texture, and though it changed appreciably in tonal content from the early days of pedal-organs to the recent timbres of modern synthesisers, there remains a distinctive touch which can only be called Sunil’s.

Recorded & mastered by The Unstitute