Sea ploggers – Interview with Satya and Andrea

During the recent lockdown a few of us have come together to clean the beaches near Auroville. We have formed a group called “Sea Ploggers”, Plogging is a Swedish term which means picking up garbage while jogging or exercising. 

Apart from cleaning the beach we also meditate together with the rising sun. We chant hymns and mantras together. We also do yoga and gymnastics on the sand. 

This is a movement started by people who love the ocean and want to protect it.

We hope that this consciousness will grow, especially in India where governments and NGOs have been pretty ineffective in safeguarding our waters from garbage.

We are also engaging with the fishermen there and urging them to join us. Over time they have started appreciating our work. Sometimes they too come and help. 

We are currently working at the Bommayarpalayam beach.

The Bommayarpalayam beach is slowly turning into a beautiful, safe and happy place. 

It’s almost like a miracle. For if you remember it was not a very nice place to visit. 

A little virus has finally made us realise that humanity has been going on the wrong path altogether. We feel some divine power is urging us to change. 

Please come and join us and be a part of this miracle and this change. 

To join our whatsApp group please send me your name to 9442341398.

With lots of loveā¤