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12 Feb / 2018Program by:

SEAS, Shadow Work and Tantrosav Festival

In Today’s news we are featuring short excerpt of interview with Grace, Savitri and Savtri Maya on upcoming Soul Encounters for the Auroville soul, and Grace invites us to be part of the performing event. SEAS will happen on Friday 17th at 7pm at Matrimadir amphitheater.
We have a short interview with Francesca, who offers Shadow Work through Creative Writing on 16th, 17th and 18th of February between 4pm to 6pm. Register at

February 15th at 5pm at Unity Pavilion Art for Land’s GALA CLOSING EVENT & FUNDRAISING DINNER.

On 16 & 17th of February at Life Education Center Community Quilting Event in the theme of Beauty and Harmony.

Tantrotsav 2018 Festival at Kalarigram, next to Adishakti, Edayanchavady Rd –
on Tuesday of 13th February, 10am :Dr Vijayan – Adivasi concepts of Body, Breath and Health, followed by Sri Rekha Tandon – dance lecture, “Dance as Yoga”
on Tuesday 13th of February, 6pm – late Grand Mahashivaratri celebrations featuring Chau semi-classical dance from East India, Mohiniyattam classical dance from Kerala, and a breathtaking all-night ritual Theyyam, which incorporates dance, mime and music.

And to be young, to be really young, we must always, always keep on growing, developing, progressing.
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