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22 Aug / 2018Program by:
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Sengenya, Isukuti, Eunoto, Ngoma – traditional dances celebrating life

To understand sombeody’s else culture, and soul of nation we might see it the best in artistic or expressive cultural tradition, especially in the universality of music. And where is music, are also dances, rituals, celebrating the most important points of the life, and describing life itself.
Kenya is a conglomerat of 42 tribes, many languages, many traditions, and in this article we feature few dances with life music of some corners of this rich country.

In a Nation so rich in culture but whose heritage is threatened through modernity, celebrating culture is perhaps the only way to safe guard the same. As a result, this has not been easy, since an obvious lax in the passing down of the same from generation to generation, a situation that has flung the youth in particular to the periphery has been evident.

With this in mind, Bomas of Kenya has in the making, a series of tribal cultural shows geared towards promoting Kenya’s rich cultural diversity. The cultural fetes are intended to yield cultural ambassadors from virtually all the 42 tribes in the country who promote Kenya’s rich culture beyond borders showcasing a rich array of artistic talent is on.
These popular cultural bonanza brings together
kenyans from diverse cultural backgrounds in the display of talent in music, dance, theatre/drama, fashion show, poetry/recitals, comedies, sports and games, exhibitions, seminars, beauty contests and body building.