Photographer:Google image | Frogs
06 Dec / 2010Program by:
Language: English

Singing in the Rain

The news of today features a sign of the times: frogsong, as mimicked by the children of Alankuppam Village as they enact stories from their culture pertaining to awareness of ecological issues. Announcements: Banner Bags by Arthena created from Litter Free Auroville banners, another call from the Green Centre forSaturday Market volunteers, a ponderous point from the Auroville Council on housing matters and, Narad’s exhibition ‘Of Flowers with their Spiritual Significances.’

Man is, Sri Aurobindo tell us, a transitional being; from all the sufferings of the wold will emerge a being of light, capable of manifesting the Divine….thus all those who are not satisfied with the world as it is should know, that their aspiration does not rise in vain and that the world is changing…if consecration and effort are associated with aspiration, things will move faster. – the Mother.