Photographer: | Uma
17 Apr / 2010Program by:

Small Steps is an Attitude

Sunny Saturday afternoon, and Upasana decorated with balloons, beautiful kolams on the floor and children laughter all around. Small Steps were launched three years ago deliberately on Earth Day, and in Auroville is one part of Small Steps campaign, which is stretched all over. Small Steps is focusing on the attitude that we all have take small steps and do something for the planet, for its greener future. Small Steps were launched as invocation to express gratitude for the Mother Earth.

Upasana with its work culture transcending to just be a manufacturing work unit, but unit open to larger family, larger participation and many levels of interacting then just producing.. They are stretching canvas to be integral business, to integrate with life. Small steps is an attitude when you’re always expanding your capacities of expression. At Upasana itself are trying to bring unit to the zero waste management, toward sustainability. As Uma told us in the interview for Upasana was the conscious decision from the day one in a choice of material, which are all natural fabrics and traditional textiles. Small Steps were launched as invocation for them to express their gratitude for the Mother Earth.