Photographer:Andrea | Rom Whitaker
11 Feb / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Snakeman Rom

The news today features Rom Whitaker who visits Auroville once again to present his newest film on a subject that attracts and repels most of us: snakes. Rom demystifies some of our fears by identifying which snakes are poisonous, which snakes are aggressive and how important it is if bitten to remain quiet, still and be taken for an injection of anti-venom. And, to have torchlight when walking about at night. Announcements include two events for tonight: at Kalabhumi, Cabaret Theatre 7 pm to 10. Also tonight at SAWCHU Improvisational Theatre, beginning at 7.30 pm.

In all circumstances of life you must be very careful to guard against despair… this habit of being sombre, morose, despondent does NOT depend on events but, on a lack of faith in one’s nature… for one who has faith even if only in oneself CAN face all difficulties, no matter how adverse, without discouragement….. one whose will is out of tune with the will of cosmic Nature fails in everything they try to do…develop courage and endurance and fight like a man… this is a passage from a talk by the Mother, 1960.