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Solar Village Search Engine Launches on 5th of December

Auroville Consulting will launch of 5th of December the crowdfunding tool the Solar Village Search Engine in order to help to fund the Solar Village Initative, which aims to solar power 100 nearby villages.
In our studio we hosted this morning two volunteers of Auroville Consulting Aedan and Meaghan , who are working on the launch of the campaign, and its social media support. As they said, the engine would require in first 3 months 100 000 users in order to be successful and continue running. In first raised funds they will bring solar power to Irumbai village where electrical engineering audit was already performed, and changes in use of saving appliances were made.
So, we are all invited to switch our search engines on Solar Viallge Search Engine from 5th of December onward , in order to help funding to bring the solar power to our nearby villages….. in a “search for a brighter tomorrow”
Solar Village is on facebook, twitter and instagram

How does Solar Village work?
Use Solar Village for your daily web search
Search ads generate income for Solar Village
Income generated will be used to give solar energy to the villages
Why support Solar Village?
At Solar Village, the profits from the search engine will be dedicated to furthering the work of eradicating the inequalities of electricity supply in rural India. Just by using Solar Village for searching the web, you contribute towards sustainable rural development.

What difference do we make?
Reliable and continuous supply of renewable electricity has long-term environmental and socio-economic impact.


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    I am an electrical Engineer and interested in electrifying rural villages near to my town.I worked in U.K. for 11years and holding a member of institution of Electrical Engineer U.K.At present working as a consultant to a wind energy service provider.I am also having experience in designing rooftop solar systems.Please let in what way I can be involved in your venture of electrifying villages.