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Sorcery at Sea Act 2

Seven years ago in a storm at sea, a ship went down and all hands were lost except for two lovers. Margaret Elsewood was washed overboard by a wave, and Captain Jacob followed her in a boat in a desperate attempt to save his true love. It was presumed that she had drowned, and that Captain Jacob was the only survivor.
Margarets father was the owner of the ship and when he heard about his daughters fate, his heart was broken.

When Captain Jacob arrived at Joseph Elsewoods house and begged for forgiveness, Joseph cast him out, ordering him to never show his face again.
Meanwhile, Margaret had washed ashore where she was nursed back to health by gentle fisherfolk. Gradually her memory returned and she longed to know the fate of the ship and Jacob. With the help of her saviours, she made her way home.
Joseph Elsewood was filled with joy at his daughters return; however, he was devastated to discover that she was scarred by the storm and had vowed to wear a veil to hide her disfigured face. When Margaret enquired, her father told her that nobody had survived and in his anger Joseph lied, saying that the captain was dead. With this news, Margaret lost her last chance of happiness, for who apart from Jacob would love her with her injury?
Years passed by, and as Joseph lay on his deathbed, he wrote his beloved daughter a letter in which he repented his lie. Hope returned to Margarets heart when she learned that her love was alive. She vowed to find him, come what may. And so, using her inherited wealth, she searched for Captain Jacob. She discovered him in a distant port where he captained a new ship and the rumours said he had become a bitter man, having never recovered from his loss.
She became the owner of the ship and installed her uncle as the ships doctor to learn more about the captain; eventually she decided to travel on the ship, disguised beneath her veil, to see for herself. And this is where our story begins

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