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Soul Tracks in Space: The Search for David Bowie’s Starman.

As a Christmas Special, Soul Tracks goes into space, searching for Bowie’s lost Starman. Starring Auroville Radio’s Matt as the DJ, Keith Richards as Commander Richards, and the crew of Apollo 11.

Featuring performances by Vangelis, The Killers, Lemon Jelly, The Police, Sara Bareilles, Lou Reed, Artie Shaw, Bob Dylan, The Arctic Monkeys and of course, David Bowie.


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  • 111 A possible influence from the French prog rock group Magma who sung in an imaginary tongue (kobaian) invented by the band’s founder and drummer Christian Vander. I refer the reader to the group’s first album “Confessions of an Elitist. For what is a man like David Bowie profited, if he shall sell the whole world