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31 Mar / 2018Program by:
Featured: AikyaLanguage: English

Spirit and Nature – Sundays in April with events

What is Spirit and Nature, one might ask himself, and Aikya answers that this is a space in Auroville Forest Anusuya as a space where anyone can come to participate in programs that are going on there.
It is a place where nature is respected, since Aikya for decades put lots of love in it to create nourishing environment of beauty, care and joy. It is a secure space where one might know about oneself.

Further Aikya invites us to April Sunday events , as first one tomorrow screening of The Animal Communicator. You need to write to to register.

Spirit and Nature
“Nature as a teacher of the multiplicity of creative expressions of Spirit.”



  • naresh MEHTA

    i am interested……

    • Miriam

      Dear Naresh!
      thank you for listening 🙂