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International Zone – General Meet

The general meeting of the Auroville International Zone was held on the 16th of November, Monday from 3pm to 6pm at the Tibetian Pavilion. The gathering saw around 30 Auroville enthusiasts having diverse cultural backgrounds, working with a common Aurovilian spirit. B, a senior Aurovillian from the International House rendered an overview of the purpose of the meeting, when he also mentioned the soaring pace with which all the new pavilions are currently working. He gave an insight of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Auroville, to be held in the year 2018 and the significance of the structuring of the International Zone. He said, "Different people from all over the world will come here. They will realize that something significant is happening and would want to be a part of us." All the attendees of the meeting introduced themselves and also added few words about their aspirations and dreams of the International Zone, Auroville. To start with, Linda Grace gave a presentation of the proposals for the 50th anniversary celebrations, where she highlighted the idea of art installations at 14 focal points all along the International Zone and also the proposed budget. Martin of AVI shared information on the contribution and participation of AVI in the development of the European area in the IZ. He said, "What is planned also is a temporary European Pavilion which will be much along the lines of the French Pavilion, as the permanent one involves long term work." To contact UNESCO for a new resolution and the creation of a new library within IZ are few of the proposals. Also, he informed that all the AVI groups will be meeting in Auroville, next February. The following groups shared their statuses and works in the form of presentations: - French Pavilion by Claude Jouen, - Bharat Nivas by Aster Patel, she said - "The history of Bharat Nivas is closely intertwined with the history of Bharat Nivas." - African Pavilion by Iraguha, - Italian Pavilion by Samadarshana and Susmita, - Korean Pavilion by Jinne, - Hungarian Pavilion by Bogi. The meeting culminated with a presentation by Luigi and Louis Cohen on the infrastructure planning and development of the International Zone, Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Nov 2015

Yoga for Life

An International Day of Yoga was declared by UNESCO to be celebrated on 21st of June. 190 countries today all over the world celebrates it. Ministry of AYUSH of Government of India proclaimed - "Practice Yoga. Live Life to its full potential. Rejuvenate with Yoga: Live Life to its full Potential." Here in Auroville we celebrated it with Surya Namaskar at Savitri Bhavan, International Zone early in the morning.


Embrace The Moment - Yoga Music to enhance your practice - Herrin
Spiritual Ascension Music _ Meditation
BRAHAMA BREATH - Yoga Class Mantras ft Nitai Pada Kamala
OM SAHANA VAVATU - Yoga Class Mantras by Sandro Shankara, Piero Granti & Felipe
GURU PUJA - Yoga Class Mantras - Yoga Class Mantras
SHIVA SHANKARA NAMA SHIVAYA - Yoga Class Mantras by Sandro Shankara, Piero G
SABMIL BOLO - Yoga Class Mantras by Sandro Shankara, Piero Grandi & Felipe Mercandelli
MOLA MANTRA - Yoga Class Mantras - Sandro Shankara, Piero Grandi, Felipe Mer. SHIVA SAMADHI - Yoga Class Mantras - Sandro Shankara, Piero Grandi e Felipe Mercandelli
Shavasana Song - Yoga Class Mantras ft. Nitai Pada Kamala
Nawang Khechog - Peace Through Kindness from Music for Yoga
Happy Buddha

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Jun 2015

Auroville par les astres

Fanchon Pradalier-Roy est chercheuse en astrologie.
Après un parcours comme spécialiste des médias et des technologies de communication appliquées à l'éducation et la formation, elle a crée une université ouverte en astrologie sur son site internet :
Elle est l'auteur de plusieurs ouvrages, dont le dernier : "La destinée de la France - Essai sur une astrologie des civilisations" aux éditions Amalthée.
Elle est venue à Auroville donner deux conférences, une sur la France en écoute intégrale sur AurovilleRadio ( ), et une autre sur le rôle d'Auroville dans l'ère du Verseau.
Nous voici en compagnie de Fanchon à quelques jours de son départ pour nous parler des grands rendez-vous de l'histoire d'Auroville...

Musique :
Steve Reich - Electric counterpoint - New York counterpoint

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Mar 2015

Pioneering Humanity

More and more humans follow the perilous journey of inner transformation and awakening. They want to build a society that embodies the consciousness that animates them, hence they invest themselves in pioneering projects like news cities, new enterprises, new collectives. New vessels get rigged to reach the shores of the next humanity. We already know a certain number of things about this new world. Some have reached the shores a long time ago and have lived there. They brought their witnessing and their experience, they made maps. However, no society at large has yet invested this almost virgin world, and no civilization has yet flourished. The big migration awaits us, it has already begun. Aurovillians have placed all their forces in it.  Just like the early aviators who, after their first empirical flights, needed a precise science --aeronautics--, todayshumanity pioneers need a new science,the one of social engineering. Collective intelligence has this role, it offers tools, methodologies, a language, and the capacity to ask questions that open for navigation.

About Jean-Franois Noubel:
He has the life of a researcher and an adventurer. As a researcher, he manages CIRI -- the Collective Intelligence Research Institute -- in charge of scientific research for this new discipline, and its practical application through technology and methodology. As an adventurer, he travels the planet to meet, learn and exchange with Humans, the world and nature. Always wondering how tomorrows Human will live his outer and inner life, Jean-Franois sees himself as his first research lab, which leads to adopting a lifestyle that may seem sometimes quirky for his contemporary fellows. He always enjoys sharing his learning, the joys and the sorrows, the successes and the failures. Jean-Franois has notably chosen to live in the gift economy.

Comments: 1 Date: 23 Dec 2014

Way forward from Auroville Retreat

The Residents Assembly Team in collaboration with the Action Groups, the Vision Task Force and Wcom presented the reports and proposals to the community of Auroville to discuss the way forward from the Auroville Retreat 2015. There was active participation from the Action Groups as well as the community and the priorities were highlighted. These included 'growth' as the over-arching goal, the involvement of the youth and the need for expanding human resources. Other important aspects discussed included the barriers to people joining the Auroville Community as well as housing. A key aspect that came out during the discussion was regarding research, documentation and communication along with the importance of telling the story of Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Oct 2015

The Co-Creator 1st meeting

There has been a momentum created by the Auroville Retreat and Monica Sharma workshops which we want to continue and amplify.
We have the wonderful opportunity now to further this work and increase our skill-level in manifesting the changes which so many of us want to see.
In this light, longtime Auroville friends and supporters Katharine Roske and Carolyn Anderson have offered to engage with us in an online course on principles and practices of co-creation.
The essence of co-creation is working from the inside out, combining the spiritual practices of deep listening, building resonance, love and inner wisdom with outer actions in the world.
Katherine and Carolyn have authored “the Co-Creators handbook” which will be the support material for this course. The tools they have evolved in this book have been applied in various contexts around the world: youth leadership, community building, mediation, decision making and more.

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Apr 2015

La destinée de la France

En écoute la conférence du Pavillon de France avec Fanchon Pradalier-Roy, chercheuse en astrologie, autour du thème : "L’astrologie science de la conscience : Le rôle de la France dans l'avènement de l'ère du Verseau".
Fanchon Pradalier-Roy est chercheuse en astrologie, sciences de la Vie, de l'éducation et de la communication. Après un parcours comme spécialiste des médias et des technologies de communication appliquées à l’éducation et la formation, elle a créé une université ouverte en astrologie sur Internet, Univers-site. Puis aux éditions Alphée, elle a œuvré à la publication d’ouvrages sur l’émergence d’une nouvelle conscience. Elle se consacre maintenant à ses recherches astrologiques et à l’écriture, donne des conférences, anime des séminaires et entretiens, réalise des films avec son époux, Hubert Roy. Elle s’inscrit dans la lignée des deux grands astrologues, Charles Vouga et Germaine Holley, qui lui ont légué le droit moral sur leur œuvre.
Ses champs d’intérêts et de compétence : l’actualité politique et mondiale, les grands projets éducatifs, les cycles de civilisation et d'évolution, le lien entre les cycles collectifs et les rythmes individuels, l'astrologie mondiale et planétaire, l'évolution de la conscience individuelle en relation avec la conscience collective.
Elle est l’auteur de plusieurs ouvrages, dont le dernier, La Destinée de la France, dessine, à travers un parcours complet dans l’histoire de France, le destin singulier de la France, met en évidence la cyclicité historique, en relation avec les grands cycles astrologiques et constitue une véritable introduction à une astrologie des civilisations.

Comments: 0 Date: 23 Feb 2015

Let It Be Peace with Peace Bell

Recording of World Peace Day meditation with the Peace Bell at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in International Zone. Maybe as symbolically as the united Nations rung the peace bell in the morning of 21st of September, Vera has offered meditation with recently acquired Peace Bell. In the settings of ever peaceful and tranquil Pavilion of Tibetan Culture gathered had a chance to contemplate on the theme of peace, and rung the Peace Bell by themselves to spread the wishes and frequencies. Nowhere will you be able to find peace unless you have peace in your heart. The Mother In peace and silence you will more and more become conscious of the constant Presence. The Mother If you ask from within for peace, it will come. The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Sep 2015

Des rêves pour changer notre vie

Qui rêve en nous et de quoi  ?
Quand et comment
rêvons-nous  ?
rêves peuvent-ils changer notre vie  ?

C'est la question que nous nous sommes posés samedi 28 mars, à l’Atelier Fil Rouge à Paris (12e), lors du dernier Café Auroville proposé par l'association Auroville International France.
Nous avons accueilli Pierre Etevenon, c pour nous parler de son dernier livre publié en 2013: "Des rêves pour changer notre vie" aux Éditions ErickBonnier.
Depuis 1965 Pierre Etevenon a étudié en tant que chercheur électro-physiologiste, les états d'éveil, de sommeil et de rêves, les états pathologiques et les états modifiés de conscience. Passionné par l'Inde et disciple de Sri Aurobindo depuis 1963, il a résidé chaque été avec sa femme Micheline, à l’Ashram de Sri Aurobindo et à Auroville, de 1970 à 1973, où Mère leur a donné la responsabilité d’Auroville France puis d’Auroville International France à Paris.

Nous étions environ une cinquantaine de personnes venues en cette occasion pour rêver ensemble. Interviewé par Nadia Loury, Présidente d’AVIF, Pierre a longuement évoqué le travail de Michel Jouvet sur la fonction du sommeil paradoxal.
Les récits de rêves peuvent être considérés selon trois catégories de type de «conscience» et selon des plans de conscience étagés. «L’Ascenseur des rêves», comme Pierre appelé ces niveaux, traduisent les plans, strates et niveaux de conscience et d’Existence selon la tradition indienne de Sri Aurobindo (inconscient, physique, vital, psychique, mental, spirituel, supra-conscient). Pourquoi prendre l’Ascenseur des rêves et noter ses rêves, sans les analyser  ?
«  pour découvrir notre être intérieur, notre psychique  », précise Pierre. En réponse à une question du public qui s’interrogeait sur sa méthode et sa finalité, il répond  : «  nous pourrons devenir plus conscients de nos journées, et découvrir notre être intérieur…et cela peut conduire à un changement de conscience et de notre vision du monde  »

Plus d'informations sur Pierre Etevenon  :
Prochains rendez-vous Café Auroville sur  :

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Mar 2015

Dialog & Human Unity

Most of humanity's problems are self-generated. On the basis of this notion, Dialogues on Humanity aims to gain better understanding of what human beings are, how we can grow wiser together, gain self-confidence, believe in others and in the future, and achieve greater understanding and justice. This event wants to encompass maximum cultural and geographical diversity and welcome a variety of opinions and possible answers to the many questions we have. The event will be held on February 3rd at banyan Tree in Visitors Centre. From 10am to 4pm. Organized by Cafe Auroville.