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Category Archives: Evolution

Sound Adventures now and then

A first attempt in a rambling program of sounds that I find interesting from today and in the past. These are sounds that are interesting and remarkable to me from today or are those that marked moments of change in the past. For more information visit the list of the sites listed:
Antartica - 1969
Music hits
Apollo 11 -
Comet sound
Information about the sun and the planet

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Dec 2014

Wholistic Business Networking

Last Wednesday, on December 11th, Sandhi Spieres organized "Auroville Networking Night". Having founded the "Wholistic Business Network" in 2002, Sandhi Spieres is a counselor, trainer and speaker who has organized many international workshops and meetings. He notes that nowadays people understand the importance of being at a right place and meeting right people. This Networking Night is about helping people to create the personal connections that they are looking for in their lives. This may also help the communication of the residents of Auroville.

This text was copied from Sandhi`s website. "Have you ever wondered what it means to create a world to which people want to belong? As you are reading this take a moment and remember that we are living in an environment that is facing many extraordinary opportunities as well as numerous challenges in the years to come. As we have attempted to adapt to the escalating changes on our planet, society and workplaces over the last few year's, new ways of interacting have become essential. Can you imagine all the situations where you would use your talents, skills and capabilities if you applied them... and really knew what it means to create something together that is greater than what each one of us could do alone!" --- '

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Dec 2013

Voyage interieur Part 4

Jai voyag travers le monde et jai entendu des chants religieux et de louanges, en Europe, en Afrique, en Asie, au proche orient, en Amerique .. Mais pourquoi Auroville, jentends une vibration mlodique ? Qui peut me le dire ?. J ai envis de m'approcher de toi, t 'endendre ton silence et sentir ton energie qui me remplis et qui caresse mon ame. Viens chanter avec moi, ton parfum m enivre... I traveled around the world and I heard hymns and praise .. But why in Auroville, I hear a melodic vibration? Who can tell me?

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Mar 2013

Contribute to Human Unity

How can art and communication can contribute to human unity in Auroville? "For me it was a blessing to come to Auroville and find here planted seeds which are echo for my search. As a musician and multimedia producer I feel an enormous receptivity to art in the city of the future. My joy was even greater when I came to know that the aim of Auroville is to achieve human unity. In this context how art and communication can contribute to it?" Andrea, Nuria and Aryamani interviewed by Sebastian.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Aug 2012

Magnetic Vision in Sharing

This time it was third Karthik Iyer's visit to Auroville, which he finds very fascinating, he is fascinated by great vision of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
He finds Auroville as a great example of decentralization, example how, if people are left alone, they are able to design their own community; an example of the community that is trying to sort out get to the next level of evolution, with the principle of decentralization, social justice, common good...
Twelve fundamental key principles on social justice and sharing of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother are aligned with Karthik's ideas, and for that finds the importance of Auroville in future of humanity.

Comments: 2 Date: 02 Dec 2014


Yesterday afternoon, Elvira and Sacha presented, at Unity Pavilion, a new project called Koodam. It aims at finding a new approach to resolving conflict. At the moment, anybody who seeks a solution to a dispute has but one choice: The City Council. The Auroville Koodam has been created to support Aurovilians who face difficult conversations, communication blockages or conflict. It is a move away from the idea of wrong vs. right and a judiciary system, and towards, instead, the idea of multiple truths,

conflict transformation and taking responsibility to engage with our own challenges. A Koodam desk is now available at Savi for those in need of help to solve conflict. '

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Nov 2013

Louis de Svedam

Louis de Svedam a cree cette communauté il y a plus de 20 ans. Depuis 1973 il avait déjà muri son projet pour tout quitter et rejoindre Auroville. Comme un long fleuve tranquille, tout au long de sa route, il érige des passerelles entre les habitants et les artistes de passage, pour bâtir des liens profonds et universels. Dans le but de réaliser son prochain projet de communauté des artistes, il organise tous les 15 jours des diners suivis de spectacles pour récolter les fonds nécessaires. Vos etes tous les bienvenus.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Jan 2013

L`aura & the restorative circles

Exploring "justice" in Auroville, and how we can respond to conflict and so-called unacceptable behaviour in ways that hold all sides of the story and support moving forward as an entire community. At present, we don't really have a "justice system" - meaning agreements for how we respond to conflict, agreements on what is/isn't acceptable, and how we hold each other accountable when something painful happens... We're hoping to start dialoguing more and more on these subjects...

Comments: 1 Date: 24 Sep 2014

Source of Silence

Nicole Christine is from Munich, Germany. She organizes and leads silent meditation retreats in India and abroad. In this interview Nicole delves into the source of silence within our own selves. She introspects on the transformative and pathfinding personal experiences that led her to look for truth and meaning beyond mind and matter. For her it is important to look at silence as a living "presence" as opposed to perceiving silence as an "absence". Therefore, the need to integrate the practice of being restfully and quietly aware here-now.

For more information on Nicole's silent meditation retreats' schedule and discourses on Dharma, please write to --- "Silent, silver lights and darks undreamed of where i hush and bless myself with silence." - One Word More, Robert Browning

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Apr 2013

B's Happy Birthday!!!

Past Saturday Auroville Radio attended to the International House to birthday party of one of our favourite Aurovillians, B., and the happenings around it . There we inaugurate a recycled house, we saw the fabulous performance of the percussion band Butterfly, we talked with B. about his project and the zero waste, we raised a Shinto gate, paint the bricks of the Thrash Mahal, Sang Happy Birthday, and of course, eat delicious cake and drink some tea in a friendly and great atmosphere. Enjoy it!

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Nov 2012