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Category Archives: Evolution

Sri Aurobindo Society: Next Steps

In this short interview, Luigi of CIRHU shares with Andrea the meaning and purpose of the first official visit of the representatives of the Sri Aurobindo Society to Auroville today. In the context of Supreme Court's judgment of 1982 ruling that Auroville is neither a religious society nor a property of Sri Aurobindo Society, in some ways today's meeting is an attempt towards a new beginning, a positive change in outlook on both sides and hope of more goodwill flowing in.

Click in the following to listen to the presentation made by Luigi:

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Mar 2012


An Open Conversation with Dou Dou Diene on CIRHU brought up many interesting points and opinions since there was no agenda; it was held in an informal reflection on the role and need of CIRHU in Auroville and in the planet at large. Should CIRHU stand on a different level of progress in the next decade? All research documented, communicated and followed up? Changes everywhere....especially changes in consciousness which can lead into something new, can bring new perspectives to the world with CIRHU playing a role.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Oct 2011

Sri Aurobindo Society visits AV

In almost 30 years, today was the first formal visit of the representatives of the Sri Aurobindo Society to Auroville. Luigi of CIRHU made a presentation to the guests on the future outlook of Auroville, development plans, land-protection issues, green infrastructure and also the need to create better possibilities for the youth to work here in Auroville. Today, says Luigi, was a turning point in the relationship of Auroville with the Sri Aurobindo Society and a new start for the two sides towards promoting development of Auroville.

To download the pdf of the presentation click here.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Mar 2012

Presentation for Zeitgeist

In this recording Aryadeep is sharing the philosophy of Auroville with visiting members of the Zeitgeist movement and they are explaining the structure and ideas of their movement. While Auroville attracted people from all over the world that were touched by the future vision of the Mother to create a township were people from all nations could live together in human unity, also the members of the Zeitgeist movement were inspired by a vision for a better human future. Their core idea is a money-free and cybernated "resource-based economy".

Aryadeep lives in Aroville since 21 years. He is originally from Hyderabad and his work is to communicate the vision and work of Auroville. He writes articles and newsletters.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Aug 2011

Sacred Equality

Talking about Anu's book 'The God Enchanter' so recently published, as well as other recited excerpts, the question came up while at Bharat Nivas on humanity, hardly to be avoided. According to Sri Aurobindo, transition takes place when every man recognizes his sacred state. Tolerance for one another, deeper recognition of the other as equally sacred should take place in little shifts in our attitude individually. In search for human unity we still tend to look for an external mechanism, where growth in consciousness to take place.

Anuradha Majumdar came to Auroville thirty years ago inspired by the vision of Sir Aurobindo and the Mother. Her books include Refugees from Paradise, Parallel Journeys and The God Enchanter as well as Island of INfinity for young adults. She has published two books of poetry and her poems have featured in International Gallery. from : Mobile Hour ... At the frontline / the witness stands / confronting his soul - / The images speak / of dream and destruction / and the long destiny of the world // We fluctuate - / but this hour will not leave us / till the wide current / breaks open the stone wind / and the pulse of earth / flows out in freedom

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Feb 2012

Manoj Pavitran on mutation

This talk of Manoj Pavitran was part of a series of talks on the topic "mutation" that were held in February 2010. We feel that it still has a great value since we are in the middle of a world crisis that seems to bring the advent of mutation. First we hear an introduction to the three-day event on "mutation", then Aurevan is reading three poems from Anu and after Manoj Pavitran is giving a talk titled "Surrendering to change". He speaks of a poise of peace and silence and the presence of the sacred that we have to establish in ourselves.

Here are some summaries and excerpts of his speech: Manoj Pavitran is talking about our evolutionary crisis and how to surrender to change. He is using excerpts from the Vedas to explain that the whole science and technology depends on the power of thought. We can not proceed further as long as we rely on reason. Thoughts have to be transcended but how does the transition takes place? When Mother created Auroville she said the world is preparing for a big change. She also said to move before thinking. She reversed the traditional wisdom. When she defined the charta the first point ended with " to life in Auroville one must be be a willing servitor of the divine consciousness. First of all what is divine consciousness. Our first approach is by thinking and reading about it. She also gave the vision of Auroville, the Matrimandir. It represents divine consciousness. Now when we go to the inner chamber of the Matrimandir what happens? There is a presence, there is a silence and a deep peace that envelopes and a sense of the sacred. When we go there one thing stands out loud and noisy and that is our thoughts. The presence there, the consciousness that is embodied in that space gives us a direct experience what lies beyond thought and a taste of the divine consciousness with its immediate qualities, a silence, a vast peace and a sense of the sacred, if we are to and become the willing servitors of the divine consciousness this state of consciousness that is directly accessible in that space has to become our natural state of being, When we open ourselves regardless of where we are, when we open to the underlying silence beyond all that is happening, there is a silence and peace which descends which permeates and infuses all over you. It is easy in the Matrimandir's inner chamber but in our action outside we get lost in our thoughts and that inner poise of silence and vast peace ...the first condition is to establish that in us. There is a stillness that is different like when you go into a cave in the mountains. The difference is when there is a presence then there is a vast peace and calm that envelops, then the divine consciousness is present. In those places where great Yogis did there tapasya, their presence can be felt there. In those places thoughts come to a stillness and mind becomes like a clear blue sky, we no more think but mind is a tool to achieve knowledge, a means for reception and expression. Indra the giver of light works with thoughts. As we establish this poise we become anchor points. In human substance there is a presence of a greater consciousness. The wealth that we bring to humanity is a different stage of consciousness that embraces all that is. And it is not you that is doing it, it is done through you. You are the instrument. How to make this instrument as perfect as possible. When we slip of the poise, we can see how noisy the mind is, how agitated our emotions encounter the tremendous forces of hatred and fear, the panic, the fear of death and all that enter but when there is a poise when we are established they dissolve, they dissolve in light and the battle fort with word become visible. Word is the most creative potent power, behind word is force, when Mother says blessings and a scholar says blessings the force behind the words make all the difference. The right word, finding the right word, in any given context becomes a crucial factor. When we leave behind our old ways of thinking that you are a stranger to what is arising in you as words. Words open the doors, words evoke. Words arise from an inner poise that is establishes in peace and silence and the presence of the sacred. They take us to regions and domains that we have never imagined. Usually we use words to describe, a grater power of word is to create. When someone asked Sri Aurobindo "Why is it so?" Then he said "It is so because the Master said so". To become aware of speech and word and what goes out as word becomes a major field of attention and care. Only by embodying what is embodied in the inner chamber of Matrimandir, that vastness, that light, that peace, we can make sure that that what rolls out of us is carrying a fragrance of what is sacred and carries the touch of transformation and harmony and that which leads to a glorious future.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Feb 2010
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