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Category Archives: The Mother

Mother's Q & A – 4/4/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, April 4, 1956

Mother explains what the Witness Soul is, and that when our consciousness is withdrawn into our soul to just be a witness, we achieve a state of calm that is free from attachments and consequences. She speaks of the need for all of the diversity that is around us, and she points out that everything is a truth, even though partial. She advises not to try to make anyone think or speak or act like we do. The original French tape recording of this class will play after the English translation.

Mother's Q & A – 7/3/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, March 7, 1956

Mother speaks about the practice of animal sacrifice, and its actual result. She explains how to be luminously open and also why we may not feel the presence of the Divine force which works in us and brings the progress we achieve when something unwanted and unneeded is finally removed from our being. She explains how we can know when we are still trying to identify ourselves with the bad thing which is passing out of us.Then she speaks about the arbitrary simplification of ideas which results in people not being able to know what is Spirit and what is Matter.

Mother's Q & A – 15/2/56

Mother's Questions & Answers, February 15, 1956

Mother speaks of the teachings of the Bhavagad Gita and the part of the spiritual guidance in the Gita which is not the truth. She explains why people follow it. She also explains the difference between human consciousness and animal consciousness. Mother says there are countless people in the world who may be convinced of the truth of a teaching but are not capable of realizing it, and she also says that it does not depend so much on the path one follows; it depends on the capacity one has.

Mother's Q & A – 25/1/56

Mother's Questions & Answers, January 25, 1956

Mother speaks of infinite progress as the Divine's infinite unfolding as the creation. This week Mother also does something unusual. Usually her class consists only of giving answers to questions. This week Mother has come prepared to give a talk. She has come ready to tell the class what is necessary to do Sri Aurobindo's Yoga. She uses the flower she has called "psychological perfection" to speak about the psychological qualities which are necessary to succeed. The original French recording of the class will play after the English translation.

Mother's Q & A – 21/3/56, 28/3/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, March 21, 1956, March 28, 1956

Mother speaks on understanding the Divine and what usually impels people into spiritual experience. She also explains that mental explanations are not realizations and therefore an understanding is a progress, but more is needed. This week we have the original French tape recording of the classes.

Mother's Q & A – 29/2/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, February 29, 1956

On this date the first manifestation of the Supramental Light, Force and Consciousness manifested on earth. It occurred during the meditation which Mother held at the end of this class. Mother did not inform the ashramites about her experience for some time. The subject of this class is the unity of all consciousness and the sacrifice of the Divine. The Divine sacrifices Himself to become inconscient matter, and in inconscient matter the Divine sacrifices Himself to again become the full Divine Consciousness. We think we are sacrificing to the Divine but in reality it is the Divine consciousnes, already sacrificed in us who is making the sacrifice, whether we are conscious of it or not.

Mother's Q & A – 8/2/56

Mother's Questions & Answers, February 8, 1956

Mother speaks about the illusion of separate personality which is really the functioning of the individual ego. She explains that our thoughts, feelings, decisions and reactions come from our environment, our parents and remote ancestors, and from what has built up in is with the impressions we have accumulated in ourselves throughout the course of our life. We believe that we are separate beings, but no aspect of our being is actually isolated. Not only our thoughts and emotions, but even our physical substance is mixed with similar parts of the people around us. One must think spherically to perceive this. This week the original French recording of the class is not available.

Mother's Q & A – 14/3/56

Mother's Questions And Answers, March 14, 1956

Mother explains what a dynamic meditation is and speaks about widely accepted conventions and formations and how they can be used to influence large numbers of people. Someone asks her about the date of 23 April, 1956, the date which was generally believed to be the date when the new supramental force would first manifest. She also speaks about superstitions and traditions and how they are created and the difference between science and superstition.

Mother's Q & A – 22/2/56

Mother's Questions And Answers - February 22, 1956

Mother says that the greatest strength is a strong immobility - the immobility that comes with the presence of the Eternal spirit. When the spirit is conscious of immortality it becomes an immobility all made of strength. When we become conscious of the immortal spirit we can remain completely immobile in all the parts of our being and we are protected from anything harmful that might be in the atmosphere or any harm that anyone wants to do to us. She also speaks of undoing the knot that ties desire to action. When we do that we no longer receive the result of action. The impetus to act then comes from the will of the Divine and the consequences also go where the Divine directs them. When people pretend to be free from desire because they have undone the knot of the ego and they act from the ego, using powers from the vital planes to harm others, the consequences of their harmful acts will fall back on them.

Mother's Q & A – 1/2/56

Mother's Questions & Answers, February 1, 1956

Mother opens a whole new idea of the possibility of Realization and explains the difference between realizing the Divine (or God) when we limit our path and when we include everything integrally. From the level of quality of realization, it is the same complete identification with the Divine, one becomes the Divine. But from the level of quantity, one becomes the Divine in all the parts of our being in a larger identification. She says "It is only if you are able to go out of all limits that you can meet the total Divine as He totally is." The original French tape recording will play after the English translation.

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