Photographer:Jorren | Manoj Pavitran Photographer:Jorren | Manoj Pavitran
10 Feb / 2012Program by:
Featured: Manoj PavitranLanguage: English

Square Foot of Light

Manoj Pavitran, an Aurovillian, once used to run away from technology. Today he sits in front of his ‘square foot of light’, his computer, connects with the whole world, and even develops web programs for Auroville. We have a love-hate relationship with technology, he says, and directs our attention to the technology-led knowledge economy and what it represents. For example, Wikipedia and open-source are examples of a radical shift in human consciousness, where people come together to create wealth for humanity and earn joy by ‘giving’.

Note: at 12.26 minutes, a short power cut occurred for about one minute.