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16 Aug / 2020Program by:

Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday special

We celebrate India’s independence and the birth of Sri Aurobindo. Who is Sri Aurobindo? Is he a freedom fighter, a philosopher poet, a spiritual teacher and yogi, a Maharishi? The programme explores these questions through his own words.

Enjoy this rich program by Aurovilians in a conversation which includes a reading of Sri Aurobindo’s 5 Dreams message delivered on the occasion of 15 August 1947; selections from his poetry; an exploration of his unique yoga of transformation through his letters to his disciples; to conclude with a humorous letters repartee between him and a sadhak Nirodbaran about a nasal boil!
Special Aurovilian guests Loretta, Marlenka, Joy, Deepti, Srimoyi, Otto, Naveen, Rohan and Smiti join Fif.


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