Photographer:Wobbli | Fiorenza and Loretta in the Recording Studio Photographer:Italian Community Archives | Roberto Asajoli in the 1970's Photographer:Italian Community Archives | Sergio Bartoli in 1988 at the International Psychosynthesis Conference in Florence Photographer:Italian Community Archives | The Hall of Culture - taken with a wide-angle lens camera. Photographer:Italian Community Archives | Choir practice in the Hall of Culture Photographer:Italian Community Archives | Poggio di Fuoco, (Hill of Fire), Centre of Creative Meditation

Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga and Roberto Assagioli’s Teachings

Aurovilian Loretta speaks of the openness and reception of the people and the spiritual force at two International workshops in October, one in Italy, sponsored by the Community of Living Ethics, and one in Canada, sponsored by The Mother’s Circle study group. Fiorenza Bortolotti, A community leader in the Italian community, gives the history of her community. Their teachings about the new force and the new age, and the yoga related to its coming are similar to Sri Aurobindo’s. Called Psychosynthesis, these teachings and methods were created by psychologist Roberto Assagioli, a contemporary of Sri Aurobindo. He based it all on teachings from the East, including Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and the transmissions received by Helena Roerich, wife of the Russian painter, Nicholas Roerich, and combined it with his knowledge of psychology and medicine. Auroville and the Community of Living Ethics have many spiritual things in common.
At the centre of the Community of Living Ethics is a building called the Hall Of Culture, which is very similar to the Matrimandir in the centre of Auroville. The architects did not copy the Matrimandir, they saw it in a vision.
You can see it by clicking on “video”.