Photographer:Andrea | Joseba
24 Nov / 2010Program by:
Language: English

Starts and Ends in Auroville

Any person interested in becoming Aurovilian need to do the Newcomer period, as a way of getting in tune with Auroville. A group of 3 Aurovilians took the initiative and organize a introductory week on Auroville to those people, helping them in the decision of taking this step. In one of this talk, Joseba, from the Housing Service, share with us big challenges connect to the housing situation. You can listen to the complete presentation here at the radio from tomorrow (the 25th of November) onwards. We also have an announcement from Transition School that needs a science teacher and from the Puncture Service that has a brand new service to the community. And our last goodbye to our dear friend Ingo Wey, that has passed away yesterday.