Photographer:Web | Sati Dust Gio (dancer) Photographer:Honza Svasek | Plan for Auroville Performance

Subbody Butoh Performance

On Saturday evening, a small audience gathered to partake in a 45 minute butoh performance in CRIPA. Upon entering, they found a lone dancer, crumpled on the side of the stage area, bare legs splayed below her short black jacket, a bouquet of red autumn leaves sprouting from her pocket.

The ensuing butoh performance, partially planned, partially improvised, included 6 dancers (Sati, Honza, Gorka, Pamela, Kaska and Isa) from Rhizome Lee’s Subbody Butoh School in Dharamsala. Gorka is also a musician, and provided most of his resonance from his musical table of wonders, positioned to the side of the performance arena. However, even he took the stage at moments, including a bizarre yet expansive, vaguely operatic vocal solo from centre stage.

The 45 minutes were full of the indescribable. As you will hear in the sounds of the evening, there were moments of silence, moments of vocalization from the dancers, and great crescendos of sound and movement. Upon finishing, the audience was invited to jam and move with the dancers for another hour.

The dancers are here on their South Indian tour and stay in Auroville until Wednesday, giving a few more workshops at Eluciole Circus in Miracle Community.


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