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02 Sep / 2018Program by:

Swadharma 5 final Presentation

Yesterday afternoon at SAIIER conference room we had a chance to hear 15 inspirational stories of 15 youth, aging from 17 to 30 of India, and two from abroad Norway and USA) sharing with the numerous audience their experience with the program.
Swadharma is organized by Auroville Campus Initiative aiming to re focus individuals on their life journey. All participants were on the either crossroad, either stuck at certain point of their life, and the program helped them to rediscover themselves, their core values, ideas, and their goals.
Some stories have a concrete practical implications, of which we might be even using here in Auroville. Among those are Non violent communication card game, urban planning, Upcycling studio with live exhibition at Udavi School, civil engineering , social work, child protection, and more
the Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI) team with the Swadharma Organisation Team – Lalit, Manoj, Min, Siddharth, Sheetal, Sophie & Valentine Associate Programme Team Members – Amir, Anita, Aran, Dev, Laura, Manas & Min