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Sweet Sound of Latin Jazz

It’s not exclusive, but inclusive, which is the whole spirit of jazz. Herbie Hancock
Unlike many musical genres, jazz by its own nature is a large tent that welcomes many forms and styles. latin jazz is not the exception and consequently, in latin jazz we usually find a broad assortment of musical influences and styles; often within the same song.
Try not to get caught up in judging a style of music for the moral/religious values/lifestyle that you might associate with it. Remember that stereotypes don’t always apply, and learning to appreciate a style of music might give you a window into someone else’s way of life and culture. Enjoy the music.

Batacumbele, an amazing outfit of musicians thoroughly steeped in Afro-Caribbean traditions and also fully conversant with the jazz idioms of the day, are a very important group in Puerto Rican history. The Latin jazz world is sometimes unappreciative of Puerto Rico’s contributions to the world of Afro-Caribbean music, Featuring some of the day’s best percussionists, including Giovanni Hidalgo, Richie Flores, and Angel “Cachete” Maldonado.

Batacumbele – Sin Egoismo
Truco & Zaperoko -El Cuarto de Tula
Batcumbele – Batcumbele
Zaperoko – No Quedo Ni El Gato
Batcumbele – Hot Blood
Truco & Zaperoko-En el Café
Grupo Latin Vibe – Bombele
Juan Amalbert’s Latin Jazz Quintet – Jackie’s Mambo
Dave Pike – Montuno Orita
Patato Valdes – A Los Pianistas
Cal Tjader – Ritmo Caliente
Nerio Degracia Mas Cambio
The New Swing Sextet – La Rumba se Acabo