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Synthesis of Yoga

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The Release from Subjection to the Body Chapter VII, pages 343 – 349:

” ….. what seems is not the Truth, that the self is not the body or life or mind ….. these are only its forms ….. “

” ….. our first step must be to set right our mind ….. so that it may arrive at its own relation with the Self ….. to create a separation between the Prakriti and the Purusha. Purusha is the soul that knows and commands ….. mistakes this physical working which we call the body for himself …. forgets that he is so much greater than the physical form ….. he is the Master ….. it is not fit the Master should be enslaved to his own workings, the Transcendal imprisoned in a form which exists only as a trifle in its own being.”

” ….. mind will come to know the Purusha seated within it ….. witness of the movements …. perceiver of experiences ….. this detachment can be made so normal ….. carried so far … this is the initial liberation of the mental being from servitude to the body ….. for by right knowledge put into practice liberation comes inevitably.”

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