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Synthesis of Yoga Way of Gita

This reading is the second (final) half of Self-Surrender in Works – the Way of the Gita picking up on page 98 through page 105, which is Chapter III of Part I, the Yoga of Divine Works.
In this chapter, Sri Aurobindo goes in depth on the concept of action, man’s acts; the human usually, ordinarily, acts due to his desire, his want or need and the fruits of his action are normally the impetus for the act, whether consciously or not. Now the Gita comes and points out that all action must be done in an increasingly Godward consciousness, a sacrifice to the Divine, thereby making God-love and God-service our only motive…..equality, renunciation of all desire for the fruit of our works, action done as a sacrifice to the supreme Lord of our nature and of all nature, – these are the three first Godward approaches in the Gita’s way of Karmayoga.