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Maybe it is unique?

The creative radio workshop led by Chlo last week offered six days to experiment with different sounds. Here we are trying to weave the rich sounds of the Auroville forests, roads and cafes into a story about tango.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Sep 2011

New Category

In todays’ news we feature short interview with Bascar, who volunteers with Auroville Film Festival 11 team as technical support. Over seventy films are in for the reviewing, and need to be categorize and prepared for screening at the Festival. In the team they realized that there are some films which do not fit into any category but it would be nice to see them anyway. Ganesh Chaturthi Day is on Thursday, the 1st of September. Everyone is welcome at the Ganesh temple of Auroville, from 9.30 to 11 am.

To feel hurt by what others do or think or say is always a sign of weakness and proof that the whole being is not exclusively turned towards the Divine, not under the divine influence alone. And then, instead of bringing with oneself the divine atmosphere made of love, tolerance, understanding, patience, it is one’s ego that throws itself out, in response to another’s ego, with stiffness and hurt feelings, and the disharmony is aggravated. The ego never understands that the Divine has different workings in different people and that to judge things from one’s own egoistic point of view is a great mistake bound to increase the confusion. What we do with passion and intolerance cannot be divine, because the Divine works only in peace and harmony.
The Mother (Words of the Mother – II, 2004 ed., p. 279)

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Aug 2011

Lifesaving Skills

Featured is an interview with Tanja concerning the skill of lifesaving, which she teaches to the children of Transition School and The Learning Centre. Events include ‘Art on Sunday’ a place for those who regard ‘art’ as an important ingredient of life. Meeting every Sunday. A 3-day exhibition on Tibetan Medicine and Astrological calculation on August 25, 26 and 27 at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture to. showcase the Tibetan Medical System, presently one of the most sought after Alternative Medical Systems.

Examine thyself wtthout pity, then thou wilt be more charitable and piteous to the others. – Sri Aurobindo, his Thoughts and Aphorisms number 70

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Aug 2011

The Salt of Life

In today’s news we featured Andrea’s interview with Emanuele on his new book – The Salt of Life, which will be aviable in few days. Today’s interesting presentation created by three French interms at L’Avenir d’Auroville / Town Development Council on Mahalakshmi Park will be held at 4pm at Conference Room at Town Hall. On Saturday 20th of August at 3pm at Solitude Farm will be a meeting to discuss planting vegetables and fruit trees in public spaces. Nw Indian film Narthaki (The Dancer) will be screen on Monday at 7.30 pm at Cinema Paradiso

Sense of humor is the salt of existence without it the world would have got utterly out of balance it is unbalanced enough already and rushed to a blaze long ago.Sri Aurobindo

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Aug 2011

Vasudev Murthy on the Oudh

Professor Vasudev Murthy has incorporated and adapted the Indian/Hindustani scales and music technique to the Arabic Oudh. For him music is a true friend. Feeling the music is the most essential aspect of appreciation, learning and playing. Raags are names of feelings, when played right, they create a perceivable image for the listener. Recognition of notes is a process that takes time and experience and is a milestone to reach. Musicians not only hear sounds but also hear the parallel structures of the notes, but it does not come easy.

Professor Vasudev Murthy is the author of the book “What the Raags Told Me”.

Comments: 1 Date: 13 Aug 2011

Installations and Exhibitions

The Auroville FIlm Festival ’11 will be bigger than in 2009! The number of locations where it will be happening, the installations, exhibitions: a group of video artists from Berlin gifted to Film Festival ’11 fancy installations, which most likely will be on display at La Terrace at Solar Kitchen and at Town Hall. We can expect two exhibitions; one at Kala Kendra, the joint work of Marie Claire, Anna, Chloe and Christoph, their collaborative work of dance, sculpture, sound and video… in Bharat Nivas, artwork of students on Human Unity.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Aug 2011

Dawn of the Dream

The name is Jalshaghar. On Thursday 28th of July was their very first concert. Excellent and accomplished musicians from Auroville and Pondicherry musical communities had come together in an attempt to fuse Indian classical music with jazz. The compositions have emerged from selected Indian ragas played on sarod with jazz on saxophone and guitar, run side by side while transporting their music on parallel tracks rather than attempting to merge them together. Numerous and excited audience had a chance to enjoy the one of the kind concert

Devi Prasad Gosh on sarod, Manosh on tabla, Dondieu Divin on keyboard, Matthew Littlewood on saxophone, Mishko M’BA on bass guitar, Suresh Bascara on drums and Karthik Iyer on electric violin

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Jul 2011

Sufi and Football

If last week passed in Earth Day-Week spirit, this one will be mostly in Sufi since the visiting guest Sufi musician Latif Bolat prepared many lectures, which are all followed by concerts. Latif is a very serious and advanced Sufi scholar. And on Saturday at 8pm he and Parvathy Baul will give a concert at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of Indian Culture with tittle “Songs from the heart beyond borders.” In today’s news we feature also interview with Johnny and children about wacky Earth Day Parade, and with Satyen about fund raising tournament for the football field at Aurodhan on Saturday at 8am.

You must do the work as an offering to the Divine and take it as part of your sadhana. In that spirit the nature of the work is of little importance and you can do any work without losing the contact with the inner presence.The Words of The Mother, Vol.14

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Apr 2011

Dakinis; une histoire de femmes.

Dans ce reportage, Vronique Jannot nous invite partir en voyage au Tibet o elle nous fait dcouvrir les Dakinis. Ces femmes rprsentent la sagesse fminine dans le bouddhisme tibtain, sont les dtentrices de l’ducation aussi bien que les compagnes des lamas. Lors de la prsentation de son film ‘Dakinis, le fminin de la sagesse’, Jannot tmoigne de la faon dont elle a t acceuilli au Tibet et de ses expriences avec les femmes qu’elle a rencontr. Au mme temps, elle fait un doux plaidoyer pour la fminit.

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Jan 2011


Today’s News come full of polarity: from human to animal, from birth to death. Our first interview is with Aryamani, that shares with us a very interesting project called: Ekatva. The second interview is with a mouse that came this morning to visit us at the radio studio. And tomorrow, the 28th of October is Giorgio’s birthday! AurovilleRadio is delighted to be the first to congratulate him. From Auroville Papers we have the announcement of a workshop on handmade paper that is going to happen tomorrow, Thursday the 28th at 10 pm on Auroville papers, Aspiration. And we announce the Jonny’s last moments with us and his cremation at Adventure.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Oct 2010
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