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A Young Aurovilian for the Auroville Council

Today’s news features an interview with a young Aurovilian, sharing her experience while working as secretary for the Auroville Council during its last term. Items of interest in the news include a presentation on the 100th Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s first public address after being released from Alipore Prison, an opportunity to give feedback on the list of selected candidates for a new Auroville Council and Working Committee..

Comments: 0 Date: 29 May 2009

Open Secrets of Music Therapy

On Saturday 2nd May, T. V. Sairam held an interactive lecture demonstration at the Tibetan Pavilion. He is a former administrator, economist, ethno-botanist and musicologist, who has authored several books and hundreds of articles on all these subjects. His pioneering work on the therapeutic aspects of the traditional Indian music system and nada yoga have attracted the attention of the world community of music therapists in recent years. You can listen to an excerpt of his presentation here.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 May 2009

Mother`s Guidance

Kailash Jhaveri, from the Ashram has held a talk in the Town Hall Conference Room on last Wednesday. The topics where: a general overview of the work which was done under Mothers guidance for Auroville, especially for the World University for Human Unity and for the Cultural Pavilions in the International Zone. Everyone was welcome, and it was even live broadcasted on this website. This is only an excerpt of the whole talk, if you would like , or come by the radio, and pick up a CD.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Mar 2009

Capoeira by Jeremy

For over 12 years Jeremy has studied Capoeira as well as other various forms of dance, martial arts, theater, and music. He has traveled extensively throughout the world gathering a wealth of experience that he brings to his teaching. Visiting Auroville for over 15 years he decided last year to join the universal city. Becoming NewComer one of his goal is to share his knowledge and unique vision of his art offering workshops and regular classes.

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Mar 2009

Touché par un regard

Christian Feuillette, prsident de Auroville International Canada connait Auroville depuis presque 40 ans. La premire visite, le premier voyage de Montreal Pondicherry fut pour voir la Mre. Christian nous parle de son regard’ ”un regard qui s intensifiait et qui rentrait en toi pour ouvrir des portes, surmonter des obstacles”. C’est cette occasion qu’il dcouvre cet immense dsert de terre rouge…
Pour tlcharger l’interview cliquez ici.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 Mar 2009

Serge please listen

Frederick wants to go on in his conversation with Serge who left us last July. Often they did not have the same approach to the problems Auroville was facing through the years, but they were (are?) moved by the same aspiration for Human Unity. You can listen to the conversation clicking the logo play. This conversation is part of a mix up program where Frederick talks with two students of journalism Carole and Chlo.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Nov 2008

Una Mezcla de Culturas

El entrevistado de esta semana es Thiago, un joven portugues que nos cuenta como hace para integrar la Capoeira en Auroville. Nos explica la importancia que este deporte tiene en la vida de los que practican, de la integracion del arte, de la danza y de los movimientos en esta lucha/baile que conquisto aurovilianos de todas las idades. Ademas, nos cuenta como hace para desarrollar su proyecto con nios de Auroville, integrando el arte, la ecologia y la espiritualidad.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Dec 2007

Gioia e Yoga

Un cartello con scritto ashtanga yoga appeso ad Auromodelle. Da qui parte l’intervista di Daniel a Monica, milanese di nascita, studiosa di letteratua indiana e traduttrice di autori anglo-indiani. Dal 2001 si dedica allo studio dell’Ashtanga Yoga’ presso il Research Institute in Mysore in India. Ad Auroville, “l’unico posto al mondo in cui potrei vivere”, dice Monica, inizia ad insegnare questa pratica ai bambini nel 2003. Da allora gestisce una scuola di yoga ed un sito

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Dec 2007

Despertar la Conciencia en el Cuerpo

La entrevistada de esta semana es Aloka, una Auroviliana de origen catalan que vive en Auroville desde el 1991 y que ha desarrollado y escrito un libro junto con Joan, otro auroviliano, una metodologia llamada Despertar la Conciencia en el Cuerpo, basada en el uso de distintas tecnicas corporales para concienciar a los individuos y desarrollar la atencion de uno mismo. En la entrevista nos cuenta como surgio, su experiencia y el desarrollo de su trabajo en Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Nov 2007

Running for Auroville

A marathon of 42 kilometers in celebration of Auroville’s 40th anniversary! Frederick, one of the organizers, explained that the’ basis, the heart of the marathon is not about beating the others. It’s an inner goal they race toward.
The running course will pass through’ significant sites that marked the life of Auroville past, present and future; the history of the city unfolds on the road.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Nov 2007
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