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Reason to Run

It started before dawn…and to see the sunrise, dew on tree leaves, feel the sand and grass under the feet, was a blessing…the high spirits of people who supported runners all the way, with taunts as well as with water and medical assistance, was contagious…it gave them reason to do their best, run the best they could…morning cold was soon warmed up by sun, and the cheerful spirit of participants, slowly finishing the distance they had chosen to run. We’ll be back for sure next year…all said!

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Feb 2011

Fire Magic

Beauty in movement, and cleansing fire…simply magic. After many years, the fire family treated us to a beautiful performance of excellent choreography: Kalou and Aurevan accompanied by world music with fire and LED lights. All the performers were children, the youngest was only six. The Visitors’ Centre was crowded, and the audience followed the performance with enthusiasm, sometimes holding their breath, to burst into big applause after the crucial moments…and in acts with fire, simply mesmerized by the power of it.

"…something truly needs to be done about dancing – Bhratnatyam or any form. Because with this new consciousness around to do something with the body is most essential. Since with body that we have to truly work in the new consciousness… On ne peut vraiment aimer au’aves le corps one can truly love with only body The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Feb 2011

lsai Ambalam school

Shirley Lyons tells us about her experience as an English teacher at Isai Ambalam school. This is a village school for Indian native children at the border of Auroville. Shirley explains how they use the Glenn Doman method, originally developed for children with learning disabilities, to help very young kids between the age of one and five, to learn English using cards and recognition tools. This program at the school is now three years old and Shirley is very proud of it. The school’s students have prepared a final recital in English for the Pongal’s vacation.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Jan 2011


Perumal, part of Auroville Radio Team left two years ago to Paris to study media and communication when the opportunity was given to him in the form of scholarship. Every step is huge for him, he confides us in a short interview, but years back he decided that he really want to achieve a proper education, so for him isn’t that important where he will sleep(first year he slept every three nights on different locations) but want to finish the study. This toss he came with his university – American University in Paris – students, and he’s in charge of the logistic. This group of students came to do the practicum, and to realize the projects on the field of communication, and other subjects in four weeks.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Dec 2010


Time of Christmas, and magic of light it wouldn’t be perfect without the magic of the theater, fairy tales, and of course the puppet theater. Kristina and Julian brought to us the Goldilocks, classical fairy tale about three bears and naughty Goldilocks. But in their story Goldilocks turns out also to be very friendly and the little bear more open. The whole story is presented with beautiful prop set, scenery, and beautiful, hand made little puppets – marionettes, which they come to live under Kristina’s skillful hands. On Tuesday’s evening show children as well all the adults "felt” into the story, into the magic of puppet theater, …maybe remembering the childhood and long forgotten stories.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Dec 2010

Love for puppets

In interesting conversation with Priya, the teacher of science at Deepanam School, Kristina and Julian reveal to us parts of their life connected with love for puppets, puppet theater, and children. For Kristina, it seems, that puppet theater was inevitable choice since also her parents are involved in this art, and because she spent her childhood next to one. In multilayer plasticity of puppet theater she does find herself, and her own ways to express herself, as well to grow spiritually. Still, in all she does, she follows her heart, from the choice of the story, she will put on the stage, to the final, and artistic touches of the prompt at the play, to which beauty is the keynote.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 Dec 2010
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