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In an interview Daniel conducted with Carel, he spoke about Auroville Today, the monthly magazine of Auroville. Carel, one of the contributing journalists, explained that the purpose of this publication is to keep the community informed about current issues through interviews, editorials and photographs. Auroville Today is enjoyed by its subscribers’ worldwide. Carel also talks about his involvement in the Working Committee and his passion for the piano.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Nov 2007


Art in’ Auroville never remains the same. And the art here has so many more varieties than any other place. After 40 years of Auroville’s existence different levels of performing can involve working’ under a tree outside, creating a certain ambiance which is’ very nice and fun. But now the Performing Arts Group has moved a step ahead to have a’ rehearsal hall. And we have Ganesh who talks about his artistic experience as an architect designing The Center for Research in the Performing Arts (CRIPA).

To listen to the interview (in Tamil) click . See the project by clicking <a href="/media/2007_11_19_cripa_revised_020507.pdf">here</a>

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Nov 2007

Contraste de culturas

Esta semana conversamos con Mary una joven visitante de Brasil. Ella ha estudiado psicologia y nos cuenta como conocio Auroville, que le trajo aqui y sobre su trabajo como voluntaria en una de las escuelas para chicos de uno de los poblados cercanos. Tambien nos habla de sus experiencias compartiendo casa en una pequeña comunidad de 7 jovenes de muy diferentes partes del mundo.Para descargar las noticias en castellano presiona sobre la foto o .For an English translation, click Read More ‘

This week we have an interview with Mary, a brazilian lady, who studied psicologist and is working as a volunteer in one of the schools of Auroville. Also she is living in a little community for young people.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Nov 2007

Via radio o via cavo?

A quasi tre anni dalla prima trasmissione di AurovilleRadio e dopo centinaia di programmi realizzati in sei lingue diverse, vede la luce il primo programma in lingua italiana.
Nonostante parte del team di AurovilleRadio sia di origini Italiane, sino ad oggi non si erano realizzate le condizioni per avere un programma, stabile, nel nostro idioma.
La trasmissione si chiama Magazine ed e’ un rotocalco settimanale che segue avvenimenti ed aspetti della vita quotidiana ad Auroville.
Apre questo primo numero Guglielmo Marconi in una registrazione dei primi dell’900, seguito da Ines Viviani Donarelli che presenta la prima trasmissione ufficiale della URI nel 1924.
Daniel, in tempi piu’ recenti intervista Andrea, iniziatore del progetto di AurovilleRadio.
Potete ascoltare il programma in coda alle notizie in inglese oppure potete scaricare il rotocalco premendo .

Comments: 0 Date: 30 Oct 2007


Le logement est l’un des principal problme d’Auroville. On recense actuellement environ 160 personnes n’ayant pas de domicile "permanent" soit 8% de la population aurovilienne. Depuis peu, plusieurs projets mergent pour rsoudre partiellement la situation. Yann, a pris part l’un d’eux, celui de Satprem (AuroSatprem). Nous vous tiendrons au courant de l’volution de ce projet dans nos prochains magazines.

Comments: 0 Date: 23 Oct 2007

Chloé, Nouvelle Arrivante?

Il y a quelques mois, l’quipe franaise avait decide de suivre Chloe qui l’epoque, souhaitait devenir NewComer. Aujourd’hui nous la retrouvons et la rencontrons de nouveau pour savoir o elle en est de ses demarches. Elle nous dvoile aussi un nouveau projet de logement que nous techerons de suivre durant les prochain mois.
Ce programme que vous pouvez tlcharger, sera diffus partir du lundi 7 octobre, accompagn de l’Agenda de Mre et de Savitri lus par Gangalakshmi.

Chloe is NewComer. We follow her since the beginning of her choice to become part of Auroville. In these echos from the French Team, you can listen to her interview in which she also speaks about a new housing project.

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Oct 2007

AurovilleTV started

Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but when you wish to visit our radio’s website, you are automatically redirected to
In fact the founder of AurovilleRadio, Andrea Tazzari, had not only the idea for radio but wanted additionally to develop a more visual project. Last week, the first step of AurovilleTV began. From now on, we will regularly present short video clips for you to broadcast. They will be related to Auroville or created by Aurovilians.
The first of this series of clips will be on Indian Devotion, extracted from a DVD created by Basile and his wife.
For the beginning of this project we interviewed Andrea.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Sep 2007

South India Community Media Network

A group of media practitioners, advocates and journalists met in Auroville to form the South India Community Media Network. This will ensure that the voice of every person can be heard and be accessible through community radio. To make it possible, the group urges the government of India to make the license application process a simple one. Also to be emphasized is the use of low-cost technology and, importantly, the freedom to broadcast news.
Here an interview with the Ashis Sen (VOICES), member of AMARC and also part of the Community Radio Foum (India). Other partecipats on the workshop are giving their opinion too.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Sep 2007

Auroville TV

Peut-tre ne l’aviez vous pas remarqu mais lorsque que vous souhaitez visiter le site de notre radio, vous tes automatiquement redirig sur En effet le fondateur de AurovilleRadio, Andrea Tazzari, n’a pas eu simplement l’ide d’une radio en ligne mais aussi de dvelopper un projet plus visuel. Cette semaine la premire tape d’AurovilleTV est en marche. Nous allons dornavant vous proposer rgulirement de courts clips vido raliss par des Auroviliens ou en rapport avec notre cit.
Nous commenceront avec les « » ou « » filmes par .

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Aug 2007

Roads in Auroville

Martanda is the co-ordinator of the Auroville Road Service work. A young man born in Auroville, he has taken upon himself a work that is both very much needed, appreciated by many and critically questioned by some.
Aware of the problems of excessive dust during the dry season countered with mud and puddles during monsoon seasons, Martanda has chosen paver stones as a solution. In an interview, he points out that roads define a city; as all the lands of our city are not yet acquired, the building of its roads remains a challenge on which Martanda continues to work.
Aurevan, Smiti, Shrishti and Vinay, students of’ various schools in Auroville, created this short program.

Comments: 0 Date: 31 Mar 2007
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