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Visitors, Guests and Tourists

The Information Service called for a Presentation / Sharing on the impact and challenges related to guests, visitors and tourists from the point of view of Visitors Centre and Information Service. The Presentation took place on Thursday April 2nd at Visitors Centre. We see the need, and have already started, to work together with other services, groups and interests in Auroville to try and find appropriate ways of dealing with all of these so that the community does not feel swamped and imposed upon in the process. We need to start a reflection on what we want and how.
Click play, to listen to an excerpt of this meeting, or download it.

Comments: 0 Date: 02 Apr 2009

Pour les Aurovilliens du Cœur

Faut-il rsider Auroville pour se sentir Aurovillien dans son cur? Comment peut-on se connecter Auroville tout en tant dans son pays? Ces questions, vous tes nombreux vous les poser. Certaines personnes ressentent le besoin d’aider Auroville, elles ont le sentiment profond que l’esprit d’Auroville est le mme que celui qui guide leur vie. Ces gens forment un rseau trs diversifi rparti dans les quatre coins du monde, ils cherchent se connecter pour partager, s’informer, crer ensemble. Alors un petit groupe de personnes compos d’Aurovilliens et de ces mystrieux "Auroviliens du Cur", ont pris l’habitude de se retrouver lors de rencontres appeles "Caf de globe".’ AurovilleRadio en a enregistr quelques-unes et vous propose d’couter des extraits sur la cration du statut de "Citoyen Universel". Si vous aussi vous vous sentez un citoyen universel et faisant partie de ce rseau d’Aurovilliens du Cur contactez-les ici.

Pour tlcharger le programme cliquez .

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Mar 2009

A talk with Roger Anger

The document presents a conversation with Roger Anger recorded in 1996. The architect talks about” the different evolutions of his career and explains how his research of’ harmony in shapes and colors was also related with his spiritual seeking. He also comes back on how he finally got involved in’ Auroville project and talks about his encounters with the Mother and the evolution of the city, from the very beginnings to the later developments.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Mar 2009

Newcomer Reception #3

As usual about 40 people attended the Newcomer Reception at Pitchandikulam forest. Joss, the founder of the community talked about his life experiences and the early days of Auroville. He made a presentation of the Nadakuppam environmental education centre which he initiated and is now fully operational. We also saw a short video of the Adayar Poonga ecological preservation project which is being directed by Joss and in development stage.
Click play to listen, or download this program.

After having some delicious lemon grass jaggery tea, we strolled into the forest to admire the lovely illustrative artworks on granite and several species of trees. It is easy to get lost in the 60 acre forest and we made a last stop at the farm. Joss is an inspiring and passionate speaker and we were so engrossed in his stories that we lost track of time. The planned discussion on housing issues was postponed to next get together and we departed at 530 PM.

Comments: 0 Date: 19 Mar 2009

Sabores de Espana

Buenas tardes a todos. Son las cuatro de la tarde del viernes 13 de marzo y nos hemos desplazado hasta “La Terrace” para asistir a la reunin semanal del grupo de personas que animan el Pabelln espaol. Hoy es un da especial y tenso. Estan preparando una fiesta gastronmica seguida de un concierto de msica popular espaola, de “la manos” de Pushkar, y de guitarra flamenca, con Victoria (la ms espaola de las rusas de Auroville). Esta fiesta se va a desarrollar el prximo jueves 19 de marzo aqu mismo, en La Terrace, a las siete de la tarde (concierto a las 8). Tambin estn preparando un espectculo de Flamenco para el mes de abrl en el Bharat Nivas. Os tendremos informados.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Mar 2009


Three proposals were presented the third of March in a General Meeting for the selection of the new Working Committee of the Resident Assembly and the new Auroville Council. The proposals were named A, B and C.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Mar 2009

Physically Challenged in Auroville

What will you do if you come across someone in a wheelchair waiting at the bottom of the stairs? Would you offer them your help, would you assume that they are just time passing or will you stop and think? Would you take in account all that you have witnessed? What does physically challenged mean to you. The AurovilleRadio had been welcomed into the life of such person, physically challenged at birth, Susmita had learned to keep herself lifted, working through difficulties she has faced along the way. She feels the time has come for her to share her empathy for the future development of the Auroville Community.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Mar 2009

Kali Festival

Have you ever wondered how people party in the village? Tuesday, February 24th marked the end of a nearly week-long festival in honor of the Hindu Goddess Kali. AurovilleRadio attended the festivities of the final evening in the village of Alankupam and caught glimpses of a Tamil festival atmosphere. Play the following selection to learn about the Goddess Kali and hear an interview with Vika asking Shaktivel, a local resident, to explain how the festival unfolds.

” ”
”’ ‘

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Feb 2009

Newcomers Reception #2

Last Friday a reception for Newcomers took place at SaraCon, which is the second of such events, part of the contemporary; Newcomers Program. All Newcomers were invited. Aurovilians Chandresh from SaraCon, Orly from Well Paper, Anandi from KOFPU, Aurelio from Svaram were in attendance. In the evening a drum and dance performance was performed by some youngsters from Svaram. To listen to an excerpt of this meeting please click PLAY, or click here to download it.

Newcomers Reception is one of the activities of the innovative ‘Newcomers Program’ organized by Newcomers for Newcomers, with input and guidance from a few long-time Aurovilians. These activities are intended to facilitate Newcomers in meeting people, obtaining information, finding work and housing, participating in community activities as well as exploring the spiritual aspects of living in Auroville. The organizing team consists of Shivaya, Raghu, Sandyra, Kati, Yong and Karthik. There is a series of 10 to 15 of such events organized througout this year.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Feb 2009

Nandanam Open House

On Monday morning the parents of Nandanam kindergarden kids were invited to its open house. The program ran for an hour and involved circus acts, plays, dancing and group singing by the cheerful children. They dressed up in brightly colored suits with matching painted faces. Even a unicorn was spotted among the numerous tigers! After the performance and snacks the classrooms were open for wandering through the beautiful exhibition of drawings, bags, paintings and installations. Enjoy the joyful voices captured in our short soundscape of the performances.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Feb 2009
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