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Guru is Inside

Intimate and cosy space of Svedame witnessed last Saturday 20th of August the promotion of Ana and Tiago new CD with the title “Guru is Inside”. Over last few years musical path of loving and expecting couple leaded them trough continents. On their journey they always listen to the beats and breathing of the Mother Earth, and their songs are thoughtfull reflection of all of that. Songs are soft, in harmony with the nature, by ethnic instruments from different areas, and yet full of rhythm of life.

Comments: 0 Date: 20 Aug 2011

Photos, Play, Darshan

On last Saturday 6th of August in Pavilion of Tibetan Culture they inaugurated the exhibition of photos on the day of Auroville Marathon taken by Sarath Shenoy and heres a short interview with him made by Tanja.NAGA-MANDALA adapted from the play by Girish Karnad will be performed at CRIPA in Kalabhumi on August 13th 14th 2011 at 5pm. We feature short interview with Jill, the director of it. Sri Aurobindo’s Dasrhan tokens can be collected at Pitanga on 11th, 12th, 13th between 9 – 12 and 2 – 6 pm.

….asking Him to pour His Grace upon you and to make you conscious of the Divine Light and Soul in you, to give you the supreme realization on His Presence. – The Mother

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Aug 2011

Installations and Exhibitions

The Auroville FIlm Festival ’11 will be bigger than in 2009! The number of locations where it will be happening, the installations, exhibitions: a group of video artists from Berlin gifted to Film Festival ’11 fancy installations, which most likely will be on display at La Terrace at Solar Kitchen and at Town Hall. We can expect two exhibitions; one at Kala Kendra, the joint work of Marie Claire, Anna, Chloe and Christoph, their collaborative work of dance, sculpture, sound and video… in Bharat Nivas, artwork of students on Human Unity.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Aug 2011

AVI in Ethiopia

In preparation for the Auroville International meeting at the end of October in Adis Abbaba in Ethiopia Jaya and Tekeste visit Ethiopia They came back with lots of useful informations and plenty of ideas what needs to be done in order to facilitate this important gathering in Adis Ababba. On the meeting on 8th of August were gathered those who are willing to present Auroville on many diferent aspects of our life, as well interactivelly communicate with the local population of . Beside presentation exhibition will be carried to Ethiopia

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Aug 2011

AV Film Festival 11

Yes, two years are around already, and Auroville Film Festival 2011 is approaching fast. In the interview with Marco and Tlaloc we found out some interesting details about it. Believe it or not, but those who hasn’t applied yet still got two solid weeks to do so. At the same time organizers are asking for help in many various forms of volunteering work. Auroville Film Festival is much more than just a bunch of more or less good movies – it is about sharing, educating, being together as community in festive environment dedicated to film.

Comments: 0 Date: 01 Aug 2011

Africa United in Auroville

For Africa Culture Day this Saturday 28th of May, we share a selection of songs to get you into the rhythm of the drum loving and moving continent. On Saturday, a whole day will be devoted to the rich and diverse cultures of the continent, but also to discuss plans of establishing an African Pavilion here in Auroville, which will embody the cultural and spiritual richness of the various countries.African students and African Aurovillians will come together and use this as another opportunity for building strong ties needed to materialize the vision of a peaceful future.

The day will start on the land selected for the African Pavilion. African students and Aurovillians will present to the greater community the progressions of plans, as well as their successes and current challenges. The land will be blessed with speeches, singing, poetry, and drumming by the Mohanam Boys and supporters from Svaram. Later in the afternoon a formal presentation with facts and figures will be given in the Unity Pavilion. And for a memorable closure, the Youth Center will host a Cultural Event/Talent show.

Comments: 0 Date: 25 May 2011

A class, 'The English of Savitri'

Book 2 Canto 3 The Glory and the Fall of Life (page 120 ~ 121). This recording is a sample of a class that is being given by Shraddhavan weekly at Savitri Bhavan. The aim is to help people whose mother tongue is not English, but who have an aspiration to read Savitri with correct pronunciation and rhythm, and with some first understanding of the words and images of Sri Aurobindos revelatory epic. As a side-effect, it is hoped that they can improve their knowledge of the English language.

Those who attend this course are encouraged to do homework: to read a little from Savitri every day, to revise what we have read and discovered in the class and to aspire for the mantric power of Savitri to open the deep heart centre and widen the consciousness.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Apr 2011

Dakinis; une histoire de femmes.

Dans ce reportage, Vronique Jannot nous invite partir en voyage au Tibet o elle nous fait dcouvrir les Dakinis. Ces femmes rprsentent la sagesse fminine dans le bouddhisme tibtain, sont les dtentrices de l’ducation aussi bien que les compagnes des lamas. Lors de la prsentation de son film ‘Dakinis, le fminin de la sagesse’, Jannot tmoigne de la faon dont elle a t acceuilli au Tibet et de ses expriences avec les femmes qu’elle a rencontr. Au mme temps, elle fait un doux plaidoyer pour la fminit.

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Jan 2011

Nandanam Open House

On Monday morning the parents of Nandanam kindergarden kids were invited to its open house. The program ran for an hour and involved circus acts, plays, dancing and group singing by the cheerful children. They dressed up in brightly colored suits with matching painted faces. Even a unicorn was spotted among the numerous tigers! After the performance and snacks the classrooms were open for wandering through the beautiful exhibition of drawings, bags, paintings and installations. Enjoy the joyful voices captured in our short soundscape of the performances.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Feb 2009

Radio Drama Live

Story starts in a ship where Captain and two passengers, Chico and Meli, are arguing. They want to go to an island. Chico wants to go there to meet Medusa to change his life and he thinks that Medusa can help him. When they reach the island Oda and his daughter help Chico to find Medusa’s place and when they reach there Oda starts talking to Medusa. Finally Oda decides to leave the island with his young wife Daisy and start a new life. Medusa decides to die and leave the earth in peace. Yatra Arts Foundation also staged a tamil family drama.

This was followed by a play based on Madam Filarski, a self-proclaimed clairvoyant, who has a baby. Charles goes to her to view his dreams and at the same time the baby starts crying. While she tries to quiet the baby two other old clients arrive. The play is a comedy about Madam Filarski caught between her baby’s antics and her clients who become preoccupied with trying to quiet the crying baby .

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Jan 2007
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