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Celebration of Light at Deepam

On Saturday the 2nd of December at The Deepam school for children with special needs they lit more than a thousand oil lamps around the premises and gave a beautiful performance of songs, yoga and dance for the Karthigai Deepam celebration, which originates from the legend of Lord Shiva who had transformed himself into a divine flame.
Deepam means “light” – which is the name chosen for the school because they want to bring light into the lives of children who are disadvantaged.

A New Step For Auroville

Patrizia Saccá is a paralympic table tennis champion who overcame her disabilities by becoming a champion. She describes her visit to Auroville in Italian translated to English by her friend, Susmita. She is in awe of the Matrimandir and recalls her visit to the inner chamber with the help of Susmita, who is a pioneer of the Accessible Auroville project. She describes in vivid detail how the peaceful atmosphere made her feel, and the reason that she keeps going back to relive the experience. The interview is conducted outside the Matrimandir, the place that inspires Patrizia.
They also discuss the concept of human unity, which they feel goes beyond goes caste and color to include people with disabilities. Susmita and she remind us that we are, above all, human beings and we deserve to feel equally loved and respected. They shed light upon the importance of the issue of accessibility and are confident that a new step for the City That The Earth Needs is making Auroville fully accessible at all fronts. Patrizia also shares with us the secret behind her success and positivity in life.

Gli ascoltatori Italiani possono ascoltare l’intervista con Patrizia Saccá tradotta da Susmita in Ingese. Patrizia Saccá e’ un’atleta paraolimpica che sta visitando Auroville.

Pem Flow by KinGi

“Connectivity, bio circuitry, aren’t we all vibrating along,
getting in and out of touch,
looping through some ups and downs,
feeling locked in or out,
free to contact, interact,
with whichever next big challenge flows by…”
(words by KinGi)

27th April (at Tibetan Pavillion) was an evening of vocally performed poetry describing some climatic sensations of an inner environment. A single man show cannot be better than this. KinJi amazed everyone with his narration and act and no doubt the words he used. Everything was so beautifully written and with each piece he expressed the struggles going on inside every person’s mind. It was an so great to listen him and to witness his acting, the expressions, changing voice notes, everything was so awestruking and touching.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 May 2017

The Science of the Environment

The science of the environment: Architecture’s influence on health and well-being. Dr. Jan Golembiewski, a global though-leader on the link between architecture and neuroscience, discuss some of the mechanism at play and make recommendations on how we can make our homes and building healthier.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Feb 2017

'Accessible Puducherry'- Workshop

Satya Special School organized a Workshop on “ACCESSIBLE PUDUCHERRY – A STEP TOWARDS AN INCLUSION” on 21st October 2016 at Convention cum Cultural Center, Pondicherry University (A Central Univeristy). Department of Social Work has taken a profound initiative by hosting the event.

India has an estimated 70 million disabled people. Most of them remain confined to their homes due to complete lack of accessible infrastructure. Any attempt to travel, enter buildings, parks, shops etc can be impossible, unsafe or humiliating. They, therefore remain unseen, unheard, unaccounted and are rightly called – an invisible minority.
Accessibility has been one of the most neglected issues in the disability sector in India and is probably one of the crucial factors that can free up the potential and availability of opportunities for disabled people.

The Disability Act (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) was passed by the Indian Parliament in 1995. The Act mandates non-discrimination in transportation and the built environment. However, there has not been much progress so far on these aspects, in India.

Access and Accessible refer to the freedom of choice to enter approach, communicate or make use of a situation or environment without assistance and undue difficulties.
Keeping the above, the following objectives were focused at the workshop:

1. Create awareness on accessibility among various stake-holders
2. Current status on accessibility in Puducherry
3. Road map towards an inclusive Puducherry

And the distinguished Speakers for Accessibility workshop are:

Dr. Chdambaram for the topic ‘Accessibility in Educational institutions – Pondicherry University’ ; Mr. Alkahj for ‘African Perspective on Accessibility – CIAI Pondicherry’ ; Mr. Sudhakar for ‘Accessibility Aids and its Importance – Mobility India’; Dr. Srinivas Murthy for ‘Accessibility for persons with mental disability’ ; Ms. Susmita for Accessible Auroville and Dr. Gulam for ‘Accessibility in Developed countries’ – Pondicherry university

Water is gone, problems rise

After the flood, damages and health problems in the villages come to light
The program is in English and Tamil.
Crossing a village like Bommapalayam near the beach, everything seems well. The main street, which has been flooded two weeks ago, is dry, woman are sitting in front of their houses sieving grain.
But when we ask them how they are, lots of them get angry: They have been all flood victims, but none of them got any help. Water stood into their houses and damaged walls, ground water got polluted by entering flood water. In Edayanchavadi, we met families whose members are completely infected by a skin illness, having perforated feet.
It is always the poorest, low caste, the woman and children who are suffering most, like the little son of Venkatesh, who works in Auroville Town Hall. And sometimes, they need only small amounts. In Kuilappalayam,In front of New Creation, the property of one family is still flooded completely. It attracts invasions of mosquitoes, and lately, they had a group of water snakes in front of their door.
Auroville has set up a help fund for affected villagers which coordinates material and financial support. Donations are very welcome.

See also the interview with help relief coordinator Anita

How to donate:

Financial Service Account No. 251220
For transfers from Indian bank.
Auroville Maintenance
Account number – 163101000118
ICICI bank Auroville
Ifscode – ICIC0001631
Description – Flood relief
For transfers from abroad
State bank of India Auroville township.
Purpose: Flood relief
Branch Code – 03160
Swift Code – SBININBB474
Account – Aurovill unity fund
Account Number 10237876508

Accessible transportation for all

Susmita, working at Accessible Auroville, and Sauro, working at l’’Avenir d’’Auroville, received a donation from Italy to purchase a bus for public transport in Auroville.
They are telling us how they have changed it into an Accessible Public Bus’ first one in Tamil Nadu: everyone will be able to use it. This bus will be a model for the future ones.
Accessibility creates an inclusive society where would pave the way for equal rights and participation of people with temporary or permanently reduced mobility in all community activities. Access and Accessible refer to the freedom of choice to enter approach, communicate or make use of a situation or environment without assistance and undue difficulties.
Accessibility means to create an inclusive community: to embrace the ideals of all people living together harmoniously in a barrier – free world without fear of exclusion and discrimination.
Nowadays in all countries the accessibility has become compulsory.

Comments: 2 Date: 19 Dec 2015

AV Wants to Participate

Out of ten students of Queens University for Urban and Regional Planning Social Studies from Canada Caroline, Joanna and Michael shares with us their observation on the topic of the community participation in planning, Depending on the project,  level of engagement can vary from low (just being informed) to high (participate in decision taking). In yesterday’s workshop where they were aiming to envision what sort of community features people want to see in Residential Zone 1 and 2      13 different themes came up.
At final presentation on Saturday 12th between 4pm to 6pm at Multi Media Center students will present to the community outcome of their research, surveys and workshop. But in general they observe a high wish to participate, lots of creativity, and high level of experimenting.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Dec 2015

Deepam festival of light

Traditionally in Tamil Nadu for centuries, the Deepam Festival of Light is celebrated in the month of Khartikai (end of November or beginning of December, just before the full moon). Its origin is based on a legend of Lord Shiva having transformed himself into a divine flame.
At Deepam they celebrate this festival with more than a thousand of clay lamps filled with oil. At dusk the lamps are lit creating a wonderful, serene atmosphere.
Deepam means light or flame. This symbolic name was chosen to bring light into the lives of children who are challenged with disabilities.

Off the Cuff-33

This week we discuss economic reform, the confusing interpretations for “services”.
Renu gives Gino some advice on his questions about fences and neighbors, Wazo feels he knows nothing at present and we we wonder if the community is supportive of the idea of placing cameras for better long term security in Auroville?

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Jul 2015
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