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Arabic and Western Music

Three exceptional musicians come together in Auroville to celebrate their shared cultures and music making. Anwar is one of the greatest living oud players from Iraq. The oud, a middle eastern lute is one of the most beautiful instruments , and Anwar sings in classical Arabic . Heather Lee has the finest high soprano voice in Australia and has sung all around the world . Dr Kim Cunio is a leading performer and researcher of sacred music who has set many of the vanishing spiritual texts of the world to music to international acclaim.

Classical Arabic and Western music Concert
Arka Thursday 26th Jan 7.30-8.30pm

Anwar Arbudah
Heather Lee – has sung all around the world, for two Olympic Games, at the Whitehouse, the United Nations and many festivals
Kim Cunio

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Jan 2012

Auroville For Dummies

To visiting Engineer Without Border Toine shortly explained what Auroville is, how it was originated and what it stands for, and drawing comparison said, that Auroville could be described also as a township without borders because of the connections and openness to the world. To Auroville are mostly drawn people with strong inner need for a change, dissatisfied with the world as it is today. Sri Aurobindo’s idea of human as transitional being, in search for inner being , and the Mothers Charter are base of what experiment of Auroville might be

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jan 2012

Daily Sounds of Chainsaws

Since Cyclone Thane raged over our city almost all of us are busy with cleaning, mostly fallen and broken trees. Many are not waiting for volunteer’s help or Tamil paid labor but they started to clean the communities and the surrounding on themselves. For that reason the sound of chainsaw is our everyday soundscape . Juan, the professional chainsaw user, offered this morning at Town Hall a useful practical demonstration of its use, shared some safety tips and answered on practical questions of quite many chainsaw users.

Comments: 0 Date: 11 Jan 2012

Carrie Dashow's presentation

Visting artist Carrie Dashow shared her work with the Auroville community on the 6th of January at MMC. Dashow, a performance and video artist, lives and works in New York City. Dashow uses music, performance, video and subject participation to examine questions of citizenship, subjectivity, and community. For her most recent piece, Yesiree Public Notary, Dashow served as a Public Notary at the Occupy Wall Street movement notarizing the testimonials of those partaking in the protests.

In her presentation Dashow discussed this experience as a Public Notary and also shared some of her earlier work.

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Jan 2012

Volunteering for the cleaning up

The Auroville community have joint together to work in the cleaning up of public spaces after the stroke of the Thane Cyclone.
In Isai Ambalam School kids have been working with teachers and parents to improve roads and general conditions of gardens and buildings.
The Volunteer Desk, located in the reception of the Town Hall, is offering the possibility to guests and Aurovilians to work together reverting the impacts left by the cyclone. The schools in Auroville are supposed to open on Monday the 9th of January.

As a special measure some local schools have decided to declared holidays to avoid problems generated by the absence of water supply on educational buildings.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Jan 2012

"We are Sound" Workshop

One day before the cyclone Thane, on the 29th of December 2011, the Italian musicians Ludovica and Paolo offered a music workshop in the Life Education Centre of Auroville, teaching Tamil girls how to express themselves through sound and rhythm.
During this rainy morning the LEC girls enjoy the flavour of gypsy music performed by Ludovica and Paolo, sang African songs of joy, learned to play different instruments, to make sound with their own bodies, while dancing and laughing with the diversity of activities developed during the workshop.

Ludovica and Paolo are members of the music group ‘Nuove Tribu Zulu’ (New Zulu Tribe). With their band they have travel around the world exploring different musical styles and offering this workshop “We are Sound” in South Africa, Italy and India.

Comments: 0 Date: 29 Dec 2011

The Language of Music

Featured is Ludovica who presents a one-day workshop with partner Paola to share the language of music, of composing and playing; another workshop on the deeper level of the community and remembering those who left us this year: Aurovilians Lucia, Tenzin, Bhavana, Alumelu, Tatiana and Anna Maria. Living abroad Mark Aspi, Erica and Myriam, ShyamSundar in Pondy and Mia Berden in Holland. a moment of Matrimandir no bonfire at the Amphitheatre on 1st January… 6 pm to 9 a Meditative Space in Candle Light under the Banyan Tree.

An aphorism from Sri Aurobindo: Chance is not in this universe; the idea of illusion is itself an illusion. There was never illusion yet in the human mind that was not the concealing and disfigurement of a truth…Moher comments that what Sri Aurobindo tells us, is that the world is real, it is only our perception of it that is false.

Comments: 0 Date: 26 Dec 2011

Flowering of potential for all

In an interesting interview with Kalvi and Kathy with the background of open house at Thamari community centre at Edayanchavadi we can hear inspiring story about the center, which it became very important for the village children. “Flowering of potential for all” is their red thread, and center is trying to be a safe space for children of all ages last seven years. For the open house children prepared many things, from exhibition of their work trough the year, magic show, and launching of a bilingual book “Blooming Thamarai” .

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Dec 2011

Work as Yoga

Ricardo of New Dawn Carpentery speaks about his work in Auroville, his work in fine woodworking, his work as his yoga. Announcements: Thamarai, a cross cultural project that provides informal education, offers an open house 18th December, 10 a.m. E-mobility: a solution for AV Guests and Volunteers; they would like to offer an alternative to th rental of petrol vehicles. Contact for more information.

Fear and anxiety are perverse forms of will. What one fears and worries over strikes that note repeatedly in the mind, helping to bring it about; if ones will repels it, it is yet what the mind underneath is all along willing as, the subconscious mind is mightier, wider, better equipped to fulfil than the waking force and intellect. But the spirit is stronger than both together; from fear and hope take refuge in the grandiose calm and careless mastery of the spirit. …from Sri Aurobindo:

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Dec 2011

Eye and I

What have might started as an idea about the theater play on physically challenged people, developed in an amazingly honest story on some, mostly negative, traits in young and successful woman trapped in her ego. When she become blind she learn what is important in life. The play is a workshop production because the group has worked on it together for two months, and created it together but they believe that is still rough. Jill, Lorraine, Rashmie,Krupa, Samta, Nahid and Peter impress the public by acting skills, …

as well by chosen colors of costumes and the set on the stage.

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Dec 2011
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