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Amigos de la lengua Española

Desde hace unos meses el Pabellona Espaol ha comenzado un nuevo proyecto llamado “Amigos de la lengua espaola.
Este consiste en encuentros semanales donde todas aquellas personas interesadas en conocer la lengua y la cultura espaola puedan reunirse, esto se realiza en La Terrace cada viernes a partir de las 5 de la tarde.
Esta idea va ha ser adoptada proximamente por el Pabellon Frances y esperamos que pronto otros paises se hagan eco tambien.

Friends of the Spanish language
Every Friday people who wants to know the Spanish language and culture are meeting in La Terrace at 5 pm.

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Aug 2008


The University of Human Unity is an attempt to create in Auroville an integral approach to higher education.Rod, a long time aurovilian who was present at the inauguration ceremony in 1968, has a long practice in education.He is one of the founders of UHU.You can check the site

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Jun 2008

Summer carving workshop

This week there is no Tamil program but there is a sweet and interesting interview: from the Auroville kids who took part in a summer carving workshop. To name a few, there were Aris, Perceval, Eden, Bharathy, Mia plus many more. All the children ranged between 5 and 10 years old. Incidentally, during a heat wave the body has to work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature. Excessive heat can result in serious health threats by pushing the human body beyond its limits, so sit back and listen to the program.
To listen to the interview click on the logo play.

Comments: 0 Date: 10 May 2008

The Bridge of Tamarai

Ulli, who works at Thamarai, is featured in an interview. Thamarai is a cultural center, founded one and a half years ago by Aurovilians Kathy and Bridget. Its purpose is to create a bridge between the culture of the West and the culture of the village. This center is situated in Edayanchavadi; it proposes numerous activities including womens workshops, evening homework support for students and creative activities for children. Tamarai also organizes events to promote Tamil culture.

Comments: 0 Date: 07 Apr 2008

Isai Ambalam School

This week’s Tamil program features Subash of Isai Ambalam School. The School was started in 1982, initially catering to the learning needs of young adults from villages in the immediate Auroville area in the age group of 8 to 15 years,’ considered to be drop-outs from other learning establishments.’ Subash joined Auroville in 1993; he is presently the school’s principal. Here he shares some of his experiences with lots of joy and surprises.

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Mar 2008


Sunday 24th of February was a happy day for the children and teachers of New Creation B School (NCBS), because they finally managed to finish the kitchen with dining hall. That was possible because of donations from many friends, especially friends from France and friends from Formia in Italy. With a colourful invocation, they inaugurated the kitchen and dining hall, named Priyannam, which means tasty and good food… for the children and teachers to enjoy in it.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Feb 2008

Scuola e musica

Anna si trasferisce ad Auroville nel 2003 e si interessa da subito alla scuola materna.
Presta servizio nella scuola dell’infanzia offrendo ai bimbi attivita’ di tipo artistico.
Nandanam kindergarten e’ una scuola materna che applica il free progress basato sugli insegnamenti della Madre.
La sua giornata e’ scandita dai ritmi familiari, Anna ha due bambini, e nel tempo libero si dedica alla danza ed al canto.
Ascolta l’intervista cliccandsul logo play .

Comments: 0 Date: 15 Nov 2007

Despertar la Conciencia en el Cuerpo

La entrevistada de esta semana es Aloka, una Auroviliana de origen catalan que vive en Auroville desde el 1991 y que ha desarrollado y escrito un libro junto con Joan, otro auroviliano, una metodologia llamada Despertar la Conciencia en el Cuerpo, basada en el uso de distintas tecnicas corporales para concienciar a los individuos y desarrollar la atencion de uno mismo. En la entrevista nos cuenta como surgio, su experiencia y el desarrollo de su trabajo en Auroville.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Nov 2007
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