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Let the Cows Remain

Featured today: a chat between prospective Working Committee member Frederic, veteran of governmental groups for years past and Renu, Selection Committee member for these very groups. Announcements for Auroville: Transition School needs people to join the their team as a full-time class teacher. Fluency in spoken and written English, a willingness to undertake a long-term commitment are required. A Long Term Care Fund open in Financial Service to help in the care of those who can no longer care for themselves, due to accident or health issues.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. Bertrand Russell

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Nov 2011

Closer to God

Stories about repatriation of Black and Rasta people might sound similar yet each of them is a story in itself. However, from the spiritual aspect, though not visible at first , a common thread runs through all life’s faiths. The overwhelming experiences of first visits are similar. For Kathy and Winston it was closely connected by them being active members of Twelve Tribes, one of the largest Rasta organizations, and after first two months visit they decided to come “home” . They’re talking honestly about their life, blessings, problems..

Mansions of Rastafari are branches of the Rastafari movement. Mansions include the Bobo Shanti, the Niyabinghi, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, and others. The term is taken from the Biblical verse in John 14:2, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.”The Twelve Tribes of Israel is a Rastafarian group founded in Kingston, Jamaica, and now functioning worldwide. Its founder, Vernon Carrington was known as Prophet Gad, and taught his students to read the Bible ‘A Chapter A Day’

The Nyahbinghi Order (also known as Haile Selassie I Theocratical Order of the Nyahbinghi Reign) is the oldest of all the Rastafari mansions[3] The term Niyabinghi means “black victory” (niya = black, binghi = victory). It may also be spelled in a variety of other ways, such as “Nyabinghi”, “Nyahbinghi”, “Niyahbinghi” and so on. It was first used to describe an East African possession cult located in the areas of south Uganda and north Rwanda in 1700 AD (Hopkins 259). Early missionaries and anthropologists named the Uganda/Rwanda clans, the Niyabinghi Cult, because their culture was based on the veneration of the goddess spirit, Niyabinghi . The Niyabinghi Cult is said to have thrived due to the possession of the goddess Niyabinghi through dance and religious seances.

Bobo Shanti
Prince Emanuel Charles Edwards founded the Bobo Shanti order in Jamaica in 1958[1]. The new Bobo Shanti leader is Trevor Stewart. The Bobo Shanti use Revelations 5 to justify Prince Emmanuel as the re-incarnate of the Christ. He is regarded as the reincarnate Black Christ in a priestly state. He was called “Prince Emmanuel Charles Edwards by most members of the Bobo Shanti, without Mother or Father, a Priest of Melchezidek, the Black Christ in the Flesh.” He, along with Haile Selassie are seen as Gods. Marcus Garvey is regarded as a prophet, and the three are seen as a Holy Trinity. The Bobo Shanti believe that there should be repatriation of all black people to Africa. In addition the Bobo Shanti order also believe that black people should be reimbursed monetarily for slavery.

Rastafarians regard ‘Ethiopia’ as their homeland and believe they will eventually return.

During periods of colonisation Africans were divided up and sent to destinations throughout the world, in most cases as slaves to whites. This is why many Africans found themselves in Jamaica and why it is regarded by many Rastafarians as hell.

‘Ethiopia’, the homeland, was seen as a place of fond memories of freedom and life prior to oppression. This meant it eventually became regarded as heaven. To develop this belief Rastafarians refer to Psalm 137 v. 1:

By the Rivers of Babylon we sat down; there we wept when we remembered Zion.

Psalm 137

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Nov 2011

Africa House in Making

Interview with Brooks Teklehaimanot at the time of AVI Ethiopa Meeting end of October 2011. Brooks model of Africa House, Pavilion of African Culture was chosen on the contest.

Film Festival Enthusiam

Featured today is an interview with Aurovilian Dianna, journalist with Auroville Today, expressing her enthusiam for the recent film festival. ‘If we want peace on earth, we need to get an idea of what peace is’ from the recent Auroville Seminar ‘Renewable Townships of Tomorrow;’ a book on Tamera Community in Portugal has been given to Laboratory of Evolution. The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmother’s film For the Next 7 Generations is their story. Hopefully they will sit in council in Auroville next year.

WORDS OF THE MOTHER 1951 on SlaveryNo law can liberate women unless they liberate themselves.
What makes them slaves is:
Attraction towards the male and his strength,
Desire for home life and its security,
Attachment to motherhood.
If they get free from these three slaveries, they will truly be the equal of men.
Men also have three slaveries:
Spirit of possession, attachment to power and domination,
Sexual desire,
Attachment to the small comforts of married life.
If they get rid of these three slaveries, they can truly become the equal of women.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Oct 2011

Saraswati Puja

“May Goddess Saraswati, fair as the moon, with pure white garland, in radiant white, on whose arm rests the veena, throned on a white lotus, may She protect me, remove my lethargy, sluggishness, and ignorance.” Mia Berden, 97, of AVI Netherlands and Stichting de Zaaier, will soon transit into the Light; with full trust in the Mother she sends greetings to all. Doctor Tatiana, 47, left her body yesterday about 6 pm in a road accident cycling home after duty in Kailash Clinic. Love and support to Tatiana’s husband Dr. Igor and their children.

To create something, keep the end result you want in the forefront of your thoughts. Find out what you want, what do you really want. Dont worry about the process of how it will manifest, important is not the how but rather the what as in what do you want? Excerpted from Robert Fritz author of The Path of Least Resistance

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Oct 2011
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